[GIVEAWAY Tonight!] See below

Doing a giveaway Friday night with the x3 Cryo/Shock Kybb’s Worth 125% Weapon DMG to badass and more! This is a discord for big/small traders alike. Or if you just want a chill community to find certain items/help with builds/find people to play with/ or just hang out in. All is welcome here :). Check Give-away section in discord for more info! Hope to see you all there!

Joined :+1:

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Awesome! All is welcome from the biggest trades to even the smallest. We also do giveaways to our discord members every few days!!! Next one should be all 125% badass fearmongers before the event ends!! Items might change depending. :slight_smile: Cheers everyone


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Welcome and Have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy


X PsYkoTiC1 X

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Bump. Today is the giveaway of a Recurring Cryo Hex With 50% bonus cryo dmg on action skill end. And much more. Join to find out more!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you for everyone that joined. Hope yall enjoyed all the items:

1: Recurring Cryo Hex 50% bonus cryo dmg on ASE
2: WOTAN HEAD Wall deco (took like 100 runs lol)
3: Cryo/Fire/Rad/Corrosive Fearmongers 125% dmg to badass
4: Kyb’s Worth Shock/Corrosive 100% Rak

Until the next one :slight_smile:

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Joined. Cant send messages tho.

Over 250 members. Let’s have fun and get this Loot!

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Over 300! An All XBOX community. Come trade/find players to play with/Hang out spot to talk about builds and Borderlands!

There will be 5 items in the giveaway. Stay tuned to find out :slight_smile:

SNEAK PEAK of the two items in the giveaway tonight ;). See yall there.

Another sneak peak item is a shock 100 dmg on ase redistributor!