[GIVEAWAY] Vendicator Ghast Call

Hey there, I read very often that people here on the forum search for this one.
Because my first was a gift from TrollinDonkey on Discord I give away the ones I “found” afterward for free.

So be free to write me on XBox: LuckySteini92

And please don’t try to make big trades with it after you got one

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I’ll take one - that’s the only bloody harvest item i don’t have. My GT is WaitLikeWhat. Thanks!!

Push, I’ll do it one more week have enough of them.

ill take 1 please and thank you. rwv bladerunner

Messaged ya on xbl as well…would love one thanks…X PsYkoTiC1 X

I’ll take one, seen good things about these. Thank you :smile:

GT: AxP ii Insanity

I’ll take one if u have extra. Gt: Tr1p1nSquirrelZ

got anymore?

GT: Unguiding