Giving away a bunch of class mods

Giving the below class mods away before I’m off for the holidays
4.5 hours to claim before I leave. Any remaining will be sold
Put your PSN name below and what one you want then add me. I’ll check below and send them to the corresponding friend requests


I’ll grab the damage reduction Blast Master. PSN: DaktariZHN

PSN Ice-T411
may I have the ark commander & red fang please?

Swing us an add and i’ll mail it over

FR sent and thank you so much!


venator headhunting cosmic stalker plz

add me and ill send it over

cosmic stalker with melee bonus please, that is good for my melee fl4k.

psn nat_zero_six


add us and ill send it

how do i add you
just learning the ps4

Go to friends. Search. Put my PSN in and add. I wont be on for the next 2 weeks away for holidays. Still have the class mods sitting there though. So can send them when home next

Hey could I get these mods please
Deadeye (splash dmg/atlas fire rate/atlas
Splash dmg / atlas dmg)
Redfang (Hyperion dmg/hvy dmg/wpn chrg spd)

PSN = RDK-sensei

thank you and have a great holiday

Got your add. Will send when on next

Could use a blaster master or red fang if you still have it. PSN G1Hexatron

Send us an add
Im away for holidays at the moment, but happy to send them when I’m back

How do,
Just checking to see if the Blessed Blast Master is still on the table or any blast master if not? Coyote33W on PSN

Happy holidays yall yell if ya need somethin might just have it.

I’ll have a look when I’m home and send it over if it is

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