Giving away Auto aimes

Just farmed Freddie. Have insane amounts of auto aimes. Among other things.
This is everything I couldn’t take with me


Any with 250% dmg on phasecast?

Nah sorry. He didn’t drop anything that nice haha

If you have anything good that dont want I would be grateful, I don’t have any builds yet that can do m2. Thrasos_1 (ps4 ) thanks

Freddy… TRAITOR! lol

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Who do you run?
I’ll swing you some stuff to get you going

I know haha. Half the loot was auto’s the other quarter, class mods, and then a gem here and there.

my fl4k is 50 and finished nvhm so can do mayhem. just got amara to 50, moze 47 should be 50 today and zane 40. still levelling up to finish nvhm. just need a full build on 1 character that I can use to farm. running lvl 30 relics and odd mods .

No worries. Will send some stuff tonight

Any builds you’re trying to put together?


thank you really appreciate the help, I came to the game late after they nerfed everything and finding it hard to catch up.

Thanks man, feel free to send me any unwanted items, they will probably be better than what’s equip.