Giving away Broken Hearts Day weapons

After grinding out the event on my eight characters I got some pretty decent rolls.

For the Wedding Invitation I have 300% dmg after phaseslam, 115% dmg while gamma burst is active, 130% dmg after after digi-clone swap, and 25% crit dmg on ASE.

For the Terminal Polyaimourous I have 115% dmg while gamma burst is active and on ASE next 2 mags deal 50% bonus cryo dmg.

Let me know if you are interested in any of these. I don’t need anything in return, but if you have any other good rolls for these guns I would certainly appreciate it.

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i would be highly intrested in the gammaburst polyaimourous :slight_smile:

something else you are looking for?

gt: Luke9013

Thanks for grinding. I would be happy to receive the Wedding Invitation gamma burst and the SMG with cryo. GT = Tom dot66

I’ll grab the wedding invitation with 25 crit on ase gt ChilledFish88 cheers in advance

Hey mate i Would like the gammeburst wedding invitation. Gonny Try a gammeburst sniper version! My name is beardburgers

I would love the Digi version.

GT: Janos Antero

Sent everything to, hopefully, the right people

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Wedding invitation with ase or fl4k annoont ? JackBurtonKI309

Can I have the gammaburst version of smg and 130 digit sniper. I have a SNTNL cryo & splash 125 new smg if you want and the wed sniper I have 100ase, gamma, and 50 cryo next 2 mags version.

I would like the phaseslam wedding invitation

Gt: D0v11k1n

I have a 30% lifesteal on attack command

You still have a wedding invitation ase crit? Or any rakk anountment/ elemental ase wedding invitations. Hell even life steal, all I’ve gotten is four non anointed versions


Hey do you Still have the wed ase?

Yes I do

Have I got anything you’d like here for that sntnl smg?

No. Invite me to sanctuary and I’ll give you a copy of it and some 53 redib’s w/ SNTNL cryo tho.

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Oh that would be awesome. I’m at work rn (I’m in Australia), what’s your GT I’ll add you and invite next time I see you on?

Comatose Jackal

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Added (I’m Stray2615), hopefully our times line up soon.

Do you wanna trade it for something? Realy looping for one of those!