Giving away Cutsman, Z-Eruption, Maggies, etc

I don’t want nothing in return. I just want to clear out my bank a bit and I hoarded good-named legendaries and raid stuffs people seem to mention or unable to get. If you want any I listed below and mailed to you then add me on PSN

PSN: Sunrise_Surprise

I will be closing this shop. Those who got their nice gear from me enjoy it. I may have to do this again next time

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Do you have a corrosive cutsman? If yes, then I’ll add you on PSN.

Yes I do. I have as Binary Expert prefix too

Oh, perfect, I’d be glad If you could send it to me, thanks! Tell me if you need something and I’ll check.

Wishing for OGT Atlas Tran_Fusion or OGT Cloning Chupa nade but no worries. Enjoy

What do you mean by OGT?

On Grenade Thrown annointed that appear on grenades. Buffs weapons and such by 25% for 6 seconds

Eruption please, anointed if possible
psn is Ice-T411
Thank you

I have a Siren annointed but hopefully you don’t mind. I have a not so good annointed I’m keeping for myself but the debuff the weapon can do to enemies is worth it. Enjoy

You’re kidding right? You are giving this to me, I don’t have any complaint whatsoever. THANK YOU!

You’re welcome. Farming for Titan was no problem. Had few before I gave up farming it. I will farm more Z-Eruptions later. Going farm for Execute off General Traunt, collect few, keep one for myself and give away it for free.

I’ll be doing this to help those who really need it. No greed here. Doing this out of love… and my bank is filling up too XD

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…got another eruption?

Yeah. Only 1 slide annointed and no annointed. Add me and I’ll give you one of those

i can take the anonited one i gotcha psn:deathshot1234 ill add you

There you go. Enjoy

Could you help me with the kybs worth and redistributor?
PSN: Ran0414

I’ll add you and mail it off to you when I get on the game

Thank you👍

I still have these gear if any wants. I’m going start deleting shields since it isn’t wanted from what I see so far… and trying to make room for my backpack

Please send me one of each shield, I would have asked sooner but didn’t want to be greedy. Thank you