Giving away Moze class mods


While farming I picked up these two Moze class mods that seem like they might be good (i don’t play Moze so I’m not sure). If anyone wants them you’re welcome to them. No trading necessary but if you have a lvl 65 M10 Cryo SNTL Maggie that would be sweet.

Moze main here those are pretty good but don’t really need them,I have a Maggie sntl cryo
no trade necessary add me and I’ll mail it

Thanks Noblehillz! sent you an invite. If you want those Cmods or know someone that does let me know I’m happy to send them out. I realized later today that most Moze players look for splash damage so I’ll keep an eye out for those from now on.

Gun received! Thank you, for real, super appreciate it! If there’s anything you need let me know and I’ll either see if I have it, or keep an eye out for it on my farming runs.