Giving away some items for free

I just cleaned my bank and found some stuff I don’t really use and I would sell them anyway. I know they aren’t God roll weapons, but maybe it comes handy for somebody. Not planning to keep them more than 3-4 days. So post a comment or send me a message if you need any of the items and I’ll send it.

Cutsman (lvl 50)
Shock, on ASE accuracy and handling increased
(x2) Corrosive, no anoint

EM-P5 (lvl 50)
50% crit dmg after using Rakk Attack
next 2 magazines have 10% increased fire rate and 20% crit dmg after exiting Iron Bear

Lucky 7 (lvl 50)
130% weapon dmg after swapping places with Digi-Clone

Maggie (lvl 50)
(x2) 100% melee dmg on ASE

Transformer (lvl 53)
no anoint

Wedding Invitation (lvl 53)
Next 2 mags have 50% corrosive dmg on ASE

Hi man, i’m interested by some of your item, add me on epic : NoBrainm4ster

Can you drop me that wedding invitation?