Giving away some items

Updated 17/02/2020

Hey everyone.

Everything added below is free, don’t require any trades!



Can I have the Bekah please - Xbox Tag: Jura551c



Just sent it. Check your mail.

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Dammit Gareth you beat me to it! I wanted that thing too.

However I will be happy to take that GB anointed Hellwalker.

My GT is DeadheadHix09, thanks!

Just sent it over.

Could I grab the craders from ya, i might also have the kybs your looking for. Gt is Ye olde wolf

Just sent it a few min ago.

Dude you are awesome. What’s your gt?

Gt is jackburtonKI309
If u could give me that in cannon, and or cutsman I’ll vow to find u a kybsworth!

Sorry I see now it is an ion laser. Could u send the cutsman and either warlord or tried bolt?

Dude, I would LOVE that rad recurring hex regen 1 grenade & that Red Fang mod w/ action skill cooldown. My gt. Is RavenMock3r

It’s real cool of you to give stuff away like this btw

Sent all three to your mail. Enjoy.

Dude I freaking love u

In your mailbox!

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Brother I’m sorry to even ask. Since you’ve already gave me three awesome ones. But could u send me that ion laser? I thought I had one but I don’t. Also what else do u need other than kybs? I’ve got tons of mods and artifacts


No problem, I would rather the weapons go to someone rather than left on the ground.

Man I’m about to start doing the same. Maybe I’ll get some good karma

I’d take that Ion lazer and craps off your hands.

Also looking for ANY kibsworth and redistributer doesn’t matter the annoint or if they’re anointed

Thanks in advance!

GT: Raverzfantac

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Thank You :+1:

Hi, thanks for doing this! Could I get the Burning Vulgar Alchemist with the bonus cryo damage anointment?

GT: janejana