Giving away some OP8 Legendaries & stuff

Hey, there’s been several members on this forum who’ve hellped me out loads this year so I’d thought I’d pay it forward and see I can help anybody with some free loot.

  • Grounded Black Hole
  • Love Thumper
  • Grounded the Bee
  • Fwap a Nukem
  • Hot Kitten
  • shock Lyuda
  • fire Lyuda
  • corrosive Lyuda
  • Legendary Engineer CM - OP7

Just let me know if you want any of this!

Edit, more added…

  • Alkaline the Bee
  • Ballanced Slagga
  • Bullets go Faster Slagga
  • Fire Sand Hawk
  • Fire Gentlemans Pimpernel
  • The Sham 94% lvl 72

May I have the Legendary Engineer CM, thank you in advance!

It’s yours, hit me up, PSN dogstar13

Can I have the Shock weapon. It would mean a lot and I have been looking for a good one for awhile now!


Sent you a fr!

invited you

Very nice of you to offer these items!!!

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I could use any Lyuda, Love Thumper or Grounded The Bee, can’t seem to get a decent drop for shield or snipers lately.

Sent you a FR!

No FR yet, it’s dogstar13. I’ll keep the Bee and a fire Lyuda for you!

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Thanks dude, you helped me out loads, and it’s nice to be nice!

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Yeah, I just realized you are on PS4 and I’m one Xbox One :frowning: I sent you an FR on XB1 lol

Sorry about that bro.

Oops, no worries.

What’s up dogstar13, would you wanna power level me up in rank on bl2 a bit?

Sorry man, this is a “I’m giving stuff away” not “Im offering to power level you” post. Try main boards, I’m sure someone will help you out.

Aight cool, you still have anything your giving out by chance?

would love any of those items, so at your discretion send me anything you have an abundance of or that no one else is asking for. Anything is very much appreciated. thanks again for all your hard work at GEARBOX and the hours and hours of fun you have provided for me and my child. Happy Holidays to Everyone.

Nice of you to give away these freebies, shame you play on the PS4 rather than PC, which is of course far superior :smile: flame war started?

Hope you had a great xmas and have a great New Year!

Mostly all gone but I picked up another shock Lyuda and I’ve still got the fire Lyuda if you want those?

People have just been PSNing me so nearly all gone, but I still have the fire Pimpernel, corrosive Lyuda and fire Sand Hawk if you want those?