Giving away some OP8 Legendaries & stuff

Very nice of you to say so…now go play with your ickle mouse! lol.

Happy new year to you too!

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May I have the corrosive lyuda or is it taken if not that would be great thanks

I don’t really care about the gear so much as having higher player to level me up. I am a level 62 Comando and need assistance making it to LV. 72, because right now at the pace I am going it will take forever… So all is welcome to add my gamertag and friend me!!! I’ll be willing to assist in getting any legendaries that anyone wants. This game is just better with friends. Cool so hit me up!

Gamertag: singularlime57

Sorry man, already offered it to @KnightStorm as part of 3 guns. I’ll ask if they don’t mind sharing the wealth and let you have the Lyuda.

Just as well cos it’s all gone! Like I said to @EliteGrayWolf you will have more luck getting a power level if you post on the main boards, good luck!

I know this seems like a stupid question, but how do I get to the main board? I am very new on here and learning the ropes as it were lol.

Gamertag: singularlime57

Ya DogStar13, I’m not really sure how to receive the items so I don’t mind if you would like to give one of the items to Albania1, I just appreciate getting some nice gear so I’m not one to be greedy. How do I get the codes for the Gear?

@KnightStorm didn’t mind if you had the Lyuda, send an FR - please say your from the forum and it’s for the corrosive Lyuda.

Very nice of you, there are no codes, I would simply invite you to my game and give you the guns then you save and go back to your own game with the guns. You are on PS4 yeah?

Send an FR - please say your from the forum and it’s for the fire Pimp & Sand Hawk

Try this…

Is anyone on the Xbox One who has extra gear they don’t need. I could use something, my character sucks lol. Im a LV 64 Comando and I can’t kill anything on Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode lol. Anyhow send me a friend request on xbox live…

Gamertag: singularlime57

@marvelshades, you are in the ps4 section, you’ll have more luck here:

Hiya!! This is actually really awesome of you! I would gladly accept anything you are willing to give. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey, I have offered the last 4 guns to @EliteGrayWolf & @KnightStorm but that was a few days ago with no reply. I can’t keep hold of em forever so if I don’t hear anything back by this Tuesday you can have em!

Yeah, sorry about that dogstar13. I’m ready when u are, just send me a game invite next time your online. My psn is Elitegraywolf420

Hope you like the guns!

Hey Dogstar, is it possible for you to give me the Kitten weapon or anything you can, please?

Sorry dude, it’s all gone!