Giving Away / Trading two Zer0 head, 'Raz0r'

I picked up two of the same head, and since I already have it I don’t need it.

I’d really like the head named ‘N0t C4n0n’ for Zer0 since he’s my main character and I don’t have that head yet.

The heads I have are called ‘Raz0r’ and look very cool, sleek and DEADLY.

The number went up to 3 Razor heads

can I have one

In order to be able to use the ‘N0t C4n0n’ Zer0 Head, you need to have the Mad Moxxi Wedding Day Massacre Head Hunter DLC. It is actually a reward for completing that DLC.

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Ooh that razor head sounds sick. Still got any spare?

Unfortunately, due to memory loss in the game, the heads are gone.

-My apologies for making you wait.