Giving credit when credit is due: The cartel map is awesome

I’ve been highly critical for good reasons about the current state of the game like many others, but I wanted to take the time and give credit to the developers for doing a good thing. This event, and specifically the map, underboss/boss fights and designs were exceptionally strong. My favorite underbosses are Josie Byte (love her VA), and Franco Firewall (he’s hilarious). Most of the weapons are awesome. The soundtrack is amazing. The 80s vibes takes me back to my childhood. Good job with this one Gearbox.


Full on agree. Love the aesthetic of everything. The enemies are reskins but they still look/feel unique somehow. I listen to the Joey battle music while doing stuff. Wish it was permanent.


Agreed its a good event overall.

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It’s alright.

What map? It’s just a big house and a short walk that leads up to it and a tiny boss arena.

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Yes, the Cartel event is by far the best thing they have done so far. It is awesome.


I certainly like the ambience and sound track - takes me back. There’s one part where there’s a thumping bass riff which I keep expecting to go into “and another one bites the dust”.

It’s great for what it is - a small event map - and there are some nice touches if you stop and look around from time to time. It does get a bit repetitive if you are trying to max the cartel challenges, although I think that’s more in the challenges themselves than the map. (Maybe have the unlocks for all characters rather than having to do the whole thing four times over?)


It definitely takes me back being i was born in 73 but how they got the music down pat is amazing. Feeling like it is playing on a weak record player and those beats you mentioned, i picked up on them also. Good stuff!


For a FREE event it’s awesome. Give the devs some credit for this .
Also congratulations on making a sodium free post :+1:

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I kept thinking to myself, ‘that cassette tape got stretched pretty bad!’ Probably shouldn’t have used the Sony Walkman for playback…


Haha yeah that to.

I like the look. Don’t know about the VA or music, haven’t played it with the sound on.

But does get a little repetitive since we’re encouraged to do this over and over again for Yellow Cakes and OPQs. Though GB did try to mitigate that by having different mobs and different locations for the mask, but once you’ve run it more than 20 times even that becomes similar.

But as some have said, for a free event with two massively powerful weapons it’s good.

Music is the best. Even downloaded it from Amazon Music:

It does unlock for all characters when you do it once with any character. It did for me at least.

It’s a solid event IMO. Just wish the events would stay and could be done whenever you want like the seasonal DLC’s for BL2.

Funny, I’m enjoying it, but the one thing I don’t like is the music. Different strokes…

You mean if you get the skin and head for one character, you have them for all four? That’s not entirely clear on the event tab, since the progress is logged separately for every save file.

Yes sir. That’s what happened for me. I’ve only completed everything with my main FL4K, but I have all the skins on all of my characters. Even the ones I haven’t done the event with at all.

Well, that makes life a lot more pleasant! I shall just go around destroying cartel thugs for no good reason other than my personal satisfaction, and leave Joey to RIP.

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Thank You for the positive post as well.

Great event. Love it.