Giving free legendaries [Done]

Bank space is nearly full, need to empty it. So who wants my wears?

GT: Desert Commando

Itchy Echo (radiation)
Packing Devastator (kinetic)
Thunderball fists (shock)
Bangarang XL (corrosive)
Moar Linage (fire)
Venomous Hornet (corrosive)
Venomous Nemesis (corrosive)
The Duc (kinetic)
Shocking AAA (shock)
Ginormous Gunerang XL (shock)
The Flood (kinetic)

Assault Rifles:
Sickle (anointed Gunner, kinetic)
Molten Sickle (fire)
Breath of the Dying (corrosive)
Gratifying Laser-sploder (shock)
Relentless Kaos (cryo)
Zeroed Kaos (cryo)
Loaded lead sprinkler (kinetic)
Gatling Gun x2 (kinetic)
Dastardly Hand of Glory (kinetic)
Burning Try-Bolt (fire)
Embrace the Pain (fire)

MOARR Linage (fire)
Trained Vanquisher (kinetic)
Sleeping Giant (kinetic)
Handsome Jackhammer (kinetic)
Cloud Kill (corrosive)
Supercharged Ten Gallon (shock)
Frozen Ten Gallon (cryo)
Defrauding Crossroad (corrosive)

Flakker (kinetic)
Sublime Kill-o-Wisp (shock)
Projectile Recursion (corrosive, cyro)
Speedloadin Hellwalker (fire)
Developing Conference Call (kinetic)
Abundant Hazardous Trevanator (anointed, shock, 25% chance to apply terror on melee)
Subsidized Developing Fearmonger (cryo, terror anointed, creates cryo nova)
Malak’s Bane (cryo)
Stark Krakaton (fire)
Compressing Storm x2 (shock)
True Monacle (kinetic)

Flesh Melted Deathless
Augmented Entrenched Bloodletter
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Scream of Terror

is there anything you might be interested in? don’t have the ss but I do have an engulfing shedifier. im interested the dp devastator and the raiens thorn

Nah, strictly looking for a regular SS. I already have a Shredder myself but feel that I need to put more bullets downrange. What’s your gamer tag?



Oh damn! Thanks for the hook up

Need to bump this.

I’m looking for an Unforgiven is there anything else you need and I’ll see if I can oblige. GT is Jabezz

If you happen to have a Super Shredifier I’d appreciate it. Otherwise I’ll sent one in the mail later.

Cheers. I’ll check my inventory.

What’s the faisor’s anointment?

extra damage on action skill end.

Updated list.

What are the gunner annointments on the shock faisor and the projectile recursion

One causes ammo regeneration on ASE and the other offers increased damage for two mags I believe. If you want them I’ll just shove em out. I don’t need them.

I’d really appreciate it. GT is Tr1p1nSquirrelZ. I will be on the lookout for the Super Shreddifier, both in game and in forums and lyk if I find it. These dedicated drops need to happen.

I am interested in your storming faisor.
Gt: Whiskey ay GoGo

Any artifacts or shields or grenades? Sorry I don’t have your requested item…

Possible to get the Engulfing Shredifier (anointed gunner, corrosive? Gamertag is JumpnSpyder

Everything in my gear section is either a shield or grenade Maude, the only have one legendary grenade.

When I get back to my console tonight, I’ll be dropping the requested items in your mailbox.