Giving free stuff at op8

Givin out most of all guns and gear for free just ask and I’ll see if I have it. If I don’t sorry just if you ever come across heads for axton the ones you earn from badass ranks let me know.

Could you hook me up with some of dat sweet loot ?

Gt ghost 5103

This still up for grabs bro?

Gt GoodOleScruffy

Can I have some? My GT is pooley3771

Looking for OP7 or OP8 Conference Call.

Yes… Message my gt legit gamer204

Message me later on my gt legit gamer204

Message me later gt legit gamer204

I got your gun, did you want shock or fire. Gt legit gamer204

Not really looking for loot, but can you help me get to op8? I’m on 4 right now, gt is sensitive bill