Giving Up On A Class - Another Mule?

Ever get so into one class that you completely give up on the others? I’ve been playing the commando for months and months and for maybe a total of 3 hours in that time, played the siren. I tried tonight and I just can’t handle it. Not being able to throw grenades in FFYL, slow weapon swap, basically useless action skill against boss fights but mostly it’s that she’s level 58 and my commando is OP2. I have some decent gear for my siren but I think it may be time to abandon the class and make it into another mule for my commando. Those 39 items spots would be really nice for carrying all my various loot. That would take the guessing out of which mule has which items and that would be nice. I’m reluctant because, in the even that I change my mind, my siren will have to start all over for gear. Not likely to happen but still a concern of mine. What do you folks think?

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I play as all characters with my least playable one being Zero. I"ll try to make this not to long as I tend to do when typing. Siren is my favorite Co-Op character just due to her RES skill. She also have some pretty other amazing skills (breakneck banschee, fleet skill. Great for phaselocking those annoying surveyors especially on Digistruct Peak. Although you cant stop bosses with phaselock, sirens elemental skills you can slag them works great on bosses like terra. Having all characters at OP8 legitimately plus lots of random levels due to I enjoy the XP leveling up factor. Everyone one has their opinions and as playing as every character Axton is a all around awesome character especially in solo. But again especially if you play Co-Op I recommend holding onto that siren for me when I’m helping people through OP levels she’s my go to character. My opinion on others us Sal is the most OP great for farming Raid Bosses for gear, Gaige is fun especially once you get into her Anarchy stacks funny dialogue as well, Krieg is very fun to play as has a bit of a learning curve and funniest dialogue I enjoyed him more before he was OP8 due to him being kinda anti shield and getting no health boost in the op levels. Zero is a well rounded character with awesome skills like bore you can take down hyperious quickly although in Co-Op I would find myself using his action skill to revive people more than anything else. Also I usually make my mule characters on another account so I can get to it all in splitscreen but I’m on PS4 not sure if your able to log two characters in on the same account on other platforms. Well ■■■■■ that came out long and prob went into wayyy more detail than the original question lol. Well aNY ways hope I was some help Goodluck, Peace Out;

That’s funny, for me the commando is the one I can’t get any fun playing, and the Siren is one of my favorites. Different people, different tastes

Why ?
At level 58 she can’t even equip the stuff you want to throw on her, so you might as well leave her equipment on… If you change your mind, you probably don’t need more than a single loadout to start again

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If you want to turn your Maya into a mule the only things you might want to hold onto are the class mods- she can use pretty much anything Axton can. As far as retiring her you got her to level 58 so you at least really tried, but not being able to throw grenades in FFL seems a minor reason to give up on her. After all, Axton is the only character that can do that, as Sal is the only one that can use his action skill in FFL, while Maya can revive a character from FFL w/o even having to physically touch them- they all have skill specialties that the others don’t have. I understand that not every character suits everyone’s tastes but most folks drop a character that doesn’t appeal to them a lot earlier than you so congrats for sticking with her past TVHM. If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of build do you have for her?

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[quote=“Inconceivable, post:1, topic:1545151”]Ever get so into one class that you completely give up on the others?[/quote]I got into four classes and have largely given up on the other two.

Salvador… he hasn’t quite reached mule status, but gunzerking is only marginally entertaining for me, and my non-gunzerking build only has a couple of fun game mechanics. I actually like sniping with him …Money Shot almost guarantees a kill which gets No Kill Like Overkill and Lay Waste on deck and activates Auto-Loader, so before he starts reloading after that last shot, he just swaps weapons, which reloads the previous rifle and activates All I Need is One and Locked and Loaded, and the cycle begins anew. I also really like Fistful of Hurt because I love using knockback to punt enemies into environmental hazards. As I think about it, the only reason he’s not a mule is because I already have one, and I’m not otherwise strapped for backpack space.

Krieg’s skills and game mechanics don’t hold enough interest for me to consider a purchase. I’m glad they made him though - lots of people enjoy him, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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I don’t know what I would call the siren skill setup. I tried to maximize phaselock and the amount of damage I can do with it active, cooldown, etc. I like the turrets better because I can take cover, let my shield and life come back and then get back in the fight. I have OP1 legendary nurse and legendary cat mods if anyone wants those. I was going to try to get to OP1 because I love SMGs so much but …

Funny thing was that I thought I liked the siren until I started playing as axton. I had her at level 55, started over with a new class because I couldn’t do UVHM at the time and haven’t looked back.

I put all of her gear in the vault and have her inventory full of Axton’s overflow.
Here you go if you want to provide a look at her build…

If you could also tell us which gear you have available for her, we could all bang our heads together to see if we can come up with a decent strategy for you.

Like all the other characters, it takes some getting-used-to before you can get the most out of them. Maya is my absolute favourite char and the only thing that I have problems with when I play her, is… Voracidous. I think most people have the same kind of problems, actually! But I digress… With some friendly advice, and some practice, you should be phaselocking all over Pandora in no-time. Phaselocking is like a drug! I can just stare at that purple ball for hours and hours…

…drifts off into purpleness…


Control and AOE is her game, if you use phaselock wisely, you will never need to draw aggro away for a breather :slight_smile:

It’s a different playstyle and granted, not everything is for everyone

if you ever go back to her, watch some of @Derch’s stuff, probably make you understand her a bit more (and enjoy her a bit more too)



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I have a hard time getting into Sal. He’s the only one I just haven’t gotten around to leveling all the way up. Zer0 would be my second-least-played… he’s fun to play (especially melee) and I’ve gotten him capped out and with prime gear, but I get burned out on him pretty quick. Maya, Axton, and Krieg are my three mains, with Gaige just a notch behind them.

I am making every Character every manufacturer alliance run to sanctuary. It’s about 46 characters. So I can store all unique gear. It has been challenging. Using anshin or pangolin only is quite tough.

yeah, for me, I stopped playing Gaige and Axton when I got to OP8… didn’t find them as interesting as the others. Siren is my favorite, yeah you can’t phaselock bosses, but you can everything else including those annoying surveyors… Could go into builds, but if you don’t like playing a char, don’t play them… I don’t play BL2 as much anymore and so mainly only play Maya and Krieg when I do because they are my favorites…

For mules, I suggest using a series of Level 1 characters for your various types of gear and just name them in the respec screen accordingly, so I have OP8 AR’s, OP8 SMG’s etc. each stored on a low level toon and then I can bring those in and out as needed with my actual characters whenever I want to swap out gear.


[quote=“cadet50118, post:12, topic:1545151”]Using anshin or pangolin only is quite tough.[/quote] :confused:

Are these mules, or are you running the storyline like this?

Wow. I named them mule 1, mule 2, mulezerker but it never occurred to me to store specific gear and name them accordingly … That’s a good idea. That way I won’t have to wonder which of my mules has the grenade I wanted to try or the shield I wanted to trade.

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heh - that’s how I got started with allegiance play. First I needed some mules. Then, when they were loaded with gear, I had a hard time keeping track of who had what, so I sorted them by manufacturer. Then I figured I’d try them out with their respective loads, and I was hooked.


Just to sanctuary so far. maybe later try to continue story when they have better loot

Nope, for me I just always have the one class that I have zero interest in. It’s Sal in this and Wilhelm in TPS. I started them since they’re the only ones I don’t have at max level and they’re just not for me.

Other than that, I have my main three that I play in each game (Zer0, Gaige, and Maya in BL2; Aurelia, Athena and Claptrap in TPS) and the others I have played enough to get to max level, but they don’t get the same amount of love. However, I still have fun with them.

You can go crazy on mules, as they can be spread across all characters. I have 3 players (NVHM/TVHM/UVHM) with 2 mules for every level. I think my UVHM finishes at 62,. So over the past two years I have accumulated legendaries at nearly every level from about level 6. This game can brain you.

Oh yes :smile:

I’ve loved Maya since year 1, and albeit I did like Axton, I find him so boring to play with it’s like…turrets.

@Inconceivable - Advice. Level her, use her for farming things. You’ll soon appreciate how awesome she is. Get used to playing with her in fast paced in your face places, shotgun, pimpernel, rubi, quasar. She can be extremely good fun and more powerful than you maybe foresee her. Very proactive, fluid, controlling. Run the bloodshots at fast pace and see how more exciting it is than throwing out turrets whist you take a nap!

But, like any game, all things are personal :wink:

Most gamers will take to any class like they will to things in real life. But unless you try, and give it time, you just might not appreciate how good it is.