Glamour bugged on PS4?

as I’ve seen in 23.04 patch notes, Amara’s Glamour skill was supposed to be “adressed”.
Tried using it couple days ago and it still caused enemies to become immune (“friendly”).
Is it working as intended or was it supposed to be patched?

I thought that was how glamour was supposed to work? I never liked it myself since glamorised enemies were immune and dealt no damage.

I’m not sure, but IIRC it used to just turn enemies against each other, like maya’s thoughtlock.

I only worked in September. By October they broke it. Said this was how they want it. Then recently said they fixed it. Still broken.

Thanks, began worrying there’s something wrong with my game. gonna report the bug.

Glamour is FINALLY working! You can damage and kill confused enemies.Wow I never thought I d see that, Champagne! How much they struggled just to fix that lol

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It is, indeed! I was so happy when I found out this week!

Now all we need to do is to test Glamour with the Dragon class mod; hopefully it works like it does in my head (kill an enemy with a Facepuncher, confuse the entire room, refresh).

Regardless of Glamour problem, last time I tried the dragon class mod it had its own issues with triggering correctly the action skill augment, that was a long time ago though, let us know if it works properly now.