Glamour feels unchanged, still broken

Ties that Bind continues to make an entire hoard of enemies, including your phasegrasped target, completely immune to your damage. Regular phasegrasp makes all enemies around your target immune to damage.

What did they “fix” exactly with this patch? Went right back to Sanctuary and respecced out of it.

They didn’t. It’s still broken.

When the game first came out Glamour worked. You could PG/TTB enemies, they turn on each other but could still take damage. After some early update where they fixed the Guardian perk the ricochets bullets (because it would hit friendlies) it stopped working.

I just tried TTB + Glamour and it’s still broken as it was before the update. They really need to fix this, confused enemies should NOT change allegiance and be immune to damage. They should just aggro anyone BUT you like it did when the game first came out.


This isn’t some new skill that Gearbox doesn’t know how to make work. Thoughtlock in BL2 worked just fine and didn’t make your target immune to your damage. It did at BL2 launch but they fixed it. Surprised that the dominate skills in BL3 are so broken again. Fl4k has the same issue with dominate.


It has something to do with the Guardian perk Hollow Point as it was somehow damaging friendlies in co-op. They disabled it for a time (around when Glamour broke) and have since fixed it, but in doing so it broke Glamour.