Glamour. Melee Amara


Gearbox, just tell me why u change Glamour? Its totally broken now with stuppid mechanic.

How it worked before the patch. ulty on crowd:

  • mobs attack closest target(other mobs, themselves, VH, etc)
  • u CAN shoot them. ur teammates CAN shoot them!
  • u can run away when they attack themselves
  • its all call - CROWDCONTROL! And FUN!

What we have now? Nothing. Totally. Coz:

  • mobs CANT attack each self, coz they all ALLY for themselves u and ur teammates!!!
  • u and ur teammates CANT attack them coz all of you - ALLY!!!
  • u jump into crowd, then u MUST wait for end of Glamour(ur all buff end too) after that u\ur teammates CAN attack them. they have new shields etc. And u have all ur CD and no buffs. NICE MECHANIC, GEARBOX!
  • and yes, u still can runaway from mobs after ulty. u can still run away listening to your friends scream: TURN OFF THIS STUPPID SKILL!!!

Dear Gearbox. Plz. Plz. Plz! Get back old Glamour. Its totally useless\broken\pointless now! Im playing for melee Amara from the start. And its best character coz its fun and dynamic. But now - its dead. And i dont wanna play this game anymore… Its so f@*ng sad!

I need my badass girl back! Plz! Begging u!


sry for my eng!!!


I agree, it has become impossible to play.


I agree, really annoyed that I can no longer use it with Phasegrasp properly, as the Phasegrasped enemy becomes totally immune to mine or my allies damage, which surely can’t be intentional. Don’t understand why Glamour even needed a change, it was working fine, as far as I could tell.

From my testing I was only getting this issue when using Glamour with Ties That Bind phasegrasp. If you use literally any other skill you don’t have this problem.

Hope they fix this ASAP. It was a very good combo to use for mobbing that is just completely counter productive now.

From my experience, any enemy now effected by Glamour is immune to your team’s damage, which is still a problem, but for whatever reason only Ties That Bind causes the Phasegrasped target to become immune also.

It has to be a bug. There’s no way this was on purpose. Glamour says it confuses enemies, not that it turns them into allies you can’t injure. Any build using Glamour is now going to hurt your more than help. Better off not even using an augment if that’s the case.

My guess is it has something to do with the Hollow Point bug fix, because AFAIK the reason it was bugged was because the perk would cause crits to injure allies.

Guys, glad to hear ur opinion!

thesuicidefox, u said “Better off not even using an augment if that’s the case.”
im totally agree and understand that

but my fevour build its bruiser and tankiest Amara for 4 ppl teamplay, and i use 1st Ulty from Green Three. Its very fun and mobile. but its totally broken now…

and u guys right: Glamour must confuses mobs(not charm them!!!). they must attack closest target, but not be ur Allies! its worked perfect from start. and now - its illogical.

charm btw work fine on Flag with tankiest Blue Three. Charm from melee attack. its like: “hey you, badass, come with me and my dog and kill them all!” Thats must be Charm, and it is. Thats mechanic of Blue Three Tank Flag. Its logical.

I hope all of you understand me. And sry for my eng…

ah, btw, Glamour broken with all other varies of Ulties. Not only in Green Three

well, i hope GB bring changes back…

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Confirmed glamor broken throughout all trees. Does not matter what you pair it with.

Seriously, Glamour was broken, Gearbox, pls, fix this!

10 oct hotfix! without Glamour fix!

omg, srsly?

doesn’t anyone care?

its impossible play for Melee Amara without it!

Can someone translate the first post? I’m trying to understand what the problem is that you peeps have with Glamour but I don’t get it.

I put one point in Glamour today to try it, and it’s…fine I guess. It makes your target fight for you, you can’t kill it so you don’t accidentally kill your useful minion. What’s the problem?

Warframe has something similar, you can’t kill your mind-controlled minions, so they can actually help you for a while.

U cant understand this coz u never play Melee Amara i think

And i cant explain this coz my eng is very bad. There is so many synergy of all buffs\mechanics with Old Glamour, and its totallay broken and useless with New Glamour. GB don’t even understand it. Like most ppl

and yes, all problem is - Glamour makes ur target ur ally\minion. its pain…


mb anyone whose native language is English can explain it for me

For 1-2 targets it works okay, I guess the problem is if you use it and tag a bunch of enemies they’re all Charmed instead of Confused, and won’t hurt each other until the skill ends in 8 seconds or whatever?

I see advantages and disadvantages for both letting them hurt each other and letting them stay friendly, I’ll use it more before I start calling for changes.

Having a tree that focuses on Charming and another that focuses on Confusing is interesting.

So my understanding is they copied FL4Ks Domination programming to Glamour with this patch. Glamour is supposed to operate like Thoughtlock from Borderlands 2. The enemy is a friendly who can take damage from anyone aka dog pile on the Thoughtlocked target.

The confusion status effect that Glamour was applying made them simply attack what ever is closest by using melee only. This included us. It made Glamour only somewhat worth its damage and CD trade off if the player is using a close quarters combat build as most do when putting 20+ points in the Brawl tree.

So they adjusted it to try and make it more worth it. Honestly they should have left it until they could have made more dramatic changes in a bigger patch.

My suggestion to anyone who was using a Glamor Slam melee build, use Phaseslam with Stillness of the mind. Put point in to Job Cross and Do Harm then use the slam in groups of targets and pick off the weakest links while they are Phaselocked.
Based on how most of the patches have been focused in on a select numbers of skills I believe bigger changes are likely coming in the next 3 or 4 weeks with a larger patch.

True is that all ulties of Green Three is totally useless without Glamour(Confuse!) coz:

  • Relevation - zero dmg perk
  • Soul Sap - useless hp regen coz ur Ulties have no dmg
  • Stillness of Mind - useless coz no control, coz in party its not working
  • Allure!!! - its only one thing that can be use for some crowdcontrol, but its NOT WORKING for PhaseSlam or Fracture. Downfall is unplayeble stuppid skill. Allure work with it. Good Job, Gearbox!..

don’t you understand? im talking about NG+, MH3, 4 ppl party gameplay. its all not working, coz ur Ulty not for DMG, its for:

  • crowdcontrol
  • getting buffs(Halping Hands, Samsara, Find Your Center etc)

i mean, in skirmish it(Confuse) was perfect skill, coz u can tank enemies, confuse(!) them, dps them with ur party etc. and now - u CHARM them, u do nothing, ur party do nothing, all ur buffs will down to end of Charm and… u will die…

and unplayeble

And, maxeastwood, u right about FL4Ks Domination. and i know that, coz my 1st Character was FL4K in Blue Three.
And i totally understand why FL4Ks Domination - charm enemies. Its for synergys playstyle, like “oh, cmon, badass, u will be mine for 12 secs and we kill them all with my dog, step by step, mob by mob, and then - i will kill you!” - thats a mechanic of FL4Ks Domination. Its like a part of full print, you know? And its work perfect!

But its not working for Amara Melee build!!! Totally!
And yes, i know abut this: “that Glamour was applying made them simply attack what ever is closest” targets. And u right. And its perfect. It was part of Mechanic of Melee Amara: all in Confuse, all in chaos and u with them

but what we have now?


rip Melee Amara, funniest build in game

I will say using Stillness of the Mind with Phaseslam is pretty fun if your using Phasezerker the Slam itself dose a truck load of damage if you also use Job Cross and set up a good slam. Then in addition everything you hit is stuck up in the air and you can have your way with them :smirk:

Aaaaand again… No fix of Glamour. Ok, game will be deleted. Ty, GB! Love you!