Glamour ruined in latest patch

Upon release, Glamour would confuse enemies to attack each other. If there was nothing left to attack or if you were closer, the enemy would instead attack you. That’s how “confuse” is supposed to work.

In the latest patch, Gearbox said they “fixed” glamour so that enemies would attack each other more. How did they do that? By making them into pets.

Now glamour makes enemies into pets and cannot be attacked. That is NOT confuse. And that is a STUPID mechanic in a multiplayer game. Like the early days of Thoughtlock where your target couldn’t be attacked, it does nothing but piss everyone off when enemies become unkillable and you’re wasting bullets.

Glamour is NOT a pet skill. It’s a confusion skill. By making the enemies unkillable, they have ruined a perfectly good skill. This needs visibility and fixing back to how it was at release. At release, I could cause a full group of enemies to turn on each other with Ties that Bind and Glamour AND the entire group of players could still damage and kill the targets.

That is how confuse is supposed to work. Glamour is now useless in its current state unless you really need agro control while solo. In groups it will do nothing but piss everyone off.


I honestly don’t know what they are up to. Instead of working on the actual bugs they keep nerfing and changing the characters


Agreed, this was a terrible change.

Fix remnant :slight_smile:

So Thoughtlock 2.0?

Thoughtlock lets you kill the target. I would often just kill my “pet” so that ruin and convergence would reproc on a new target and all the enemies would just be in a big pile eating DoT damage.

This is WAY worse because you are unable to damage any target. I can have 5-6 “pets” going at once, only able to be damaged by each other while I’m unable to deal any damage. It’s stupid.

Half of Maya’s skills didn’t work when a targeting is thoughtlocked and the healing skill or transfusion grenades would heal the target. Restoration to if you put a point into it.

Sure, some stuff was wonky. But at least I could still kill the target. This glamour skill with Ties that Bind is capable of making like 10 enemies at a time unkillable, including the target inside the phasegrasp bubble. People usually shoot what’s in the bubble. Making that target untouchable is stupid.

It didn’t function like this before the last patch that “fixed” glamour. Gearbox very recently broke this skill via patch. Try it with Ties that Bind and Glamour. You can’t even damage the phasegrasped target AND it’s trapped in a bubble so it can’t attack in its “confused” state.

Glamour is basically unusable.

Yea I agree that is stupid.

Also, don’t always shoot the phase grasped target unless it has the most health. The longer that enemy is held the longer damage is shared. Unless you want your cool down slightly faster.

I always wanted my cooldown faster in this build I used to run that no longer functions. 12 seconds of confusion procs as soon as Ties that Bind hits and I used to kill that initial target and by the time confusion has worn off the other enemies, I’m ready to confuse again.

It’s been a bit since I ran that build to have Ties that Bind, Glamour, AND Ascendant. It used to work, now it doesn’t because of Gearbox turning my confused enemies into pets.

Yea I could see how that would be great in the arenas, especially in multiplayer. Hopefully they fix this change.

I firmly believe this is a bug because from what I gather reading other’s comments (across the forums not just this thread) suggests this effect is seriously inconsistent.

I’m on Xbox and Glamour only works this way when I use it in combination with Ties That Bind. If I use Glamour with any other skill, even other phasegrasp skills, I can damage the target just fine and it works as intended. But others have said it happens all the time when using Glamour, regardless of the skill. Both of these can’t be true at the same time, therefore this has to be a bug.

It also doesn’t make any sense from a balance/gameplay standpoint. Turning the enemy friendly just means you can’t hurt it, which means that you will need to wait for the effect to wear off before you can do anything. That is counter productive, and if you consider that a lot of her skills can affect multiple enemies at once it just means Glamour is actually hurting you. Like you are better off with nothing than taking Glamour, that doesn’t make any sense design-wise.

For now I’ve switch to FoM/Allure combo, but Glamour/TTB is really great for mobbing and just much more effective. Hope the devs realize this and fix it soon.

Ties that Bind is the culprit. Other phasegrasp abilities do not cause the phasegrasped target to become a friendly pet. But it still causes all nearby enemies to be undamagable which is still bad.

None of the skills that cause “confusion” should be making enemies into friendlies. It’s not a pet skill. It’s a mind manipulation skill and the ability to damage those affected by the manipulation should be returned.

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I had another game breaking interaction in that Vaughn game show quest when the crowd turns against you. After casting fists to grasp one guy, the rest of the crowd was turned friendly and it never broke back to making them enemies. Quest was impossible to complete because I had to clear the room.

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Yes but only when used in combination with Glamour because that is what causes confusion. If I use TTB by itself it works as intended. If I use Glamour by with any other skill it works as intended.

It’s this combination that is bugged, which is unfortunately because it was an amazing combo for mobbing. Let’s just hope Gearbox fixes it sooner rather than later.

It’s all broken. Glamour should NEVER make enemies unkillable with any skill. Even when using phaselock, you can kill the main target but you can’t kill the confused enemies. That’s not the way it should work at all. It should absolutely never deny damage to confused enemies.

When the game released, it all worked fine. Enemies were always killable. Gearbox changed it all in the patch.

Yes… that’s what I’m saying. So I’m a bit confused why you are repeating this to me. It feels like you are trying to convince me of something I already agree with.

It’s bugged. It should be fixed. That’s it.

It seemed like you were saying that Glamour was only bugged when using ties that Bind. That’s not at all what I’m saying.

You said if you use glamour with any other skill other than Ties that Bind then it works as intended. I’m saying that is incorrect. When using glamour with other skills, it still renders some enemies unkillable. That is a problem.

So no, that’s not a repetition of what you said.

No I am saying this. But you seem to have missed the part where I mentioned this bug is inconsistent. I play on Xbox, and if I use Glamour with anything but TTB it works as intended. It is only that combo that bugs for me on my platform. But then others have said (elsewhere not in this thread) exactly what you are saying, which are PC users. PS users have reported it works even different from either of those, as it seems to be any phasegrasp skill but nothing else (not 100% sure on this one though). But I can confirm 100% that Glamour works fine on Xbox EXCEPT when using TTB.

So by the mere fact Glamour’s effect is not consistent across platforms pretty much proves it is indeed a bug, regardless of what other reasons we come up with.

  • agree about glamour

  • Ties that Bind and Glamour are not supposed to work together , it’s game breaking