Glamour, the best Aggro in the game!

Fl4k has his pet as Aggro, and Fade Away as an escape option, Zain has his clone as Aggro, and his shield as an escape option, and Moze has her Auto Bear as Aggro, and entering Iron Bear as an escape option. Amara lacks options like these, and often finds herself in the middle of a bullet storm. This considerably hinders her survivability. If you’re not going for Sustainment, Amara’s tier 5 elemental life steal skill in her Fist of the Elements tree, and you’re not using a Face-Puncher with a Knife Drain artifact, your survivability will be very lacking. Samsara is good, but it depends on your action skill and is not sustainable. Your survivability tactics then becomes “Kill them before they kill you” or “Kill them while in FFYL.” All of this is because Amara doesn’t have a reliable get off me option, or an Aggro option that takes the hits in her place. That is until I tried Glamour.

Glamour is an action skill augment that confuses the enemies you hit with your AS and they start shooting at their friends, promoting their friends to shoot back at them. This lasts for 8 seconds, or 12 seconds if you get Ascendant. Before, a confused enemy cannot be damaged by you, but sometime ago, it was updated so that they do get hurt by you.

With this ability, not only do you create targets for your enemies to be distracted by, but you also remove enemies by making them your allies. It’s doing double duty by removing enemies and creating Aggro targets. I’ve often found myself to be in total clear because all the enemies are fighting each other and no one is bothering me. And this can last to 12 seconds! All but ensuring your get your Action Skill back with that time.

It’s a really befitting augment for a tier 5 investment in the Brawl tree. It works incredibly well with Phaseslam. If you have a build that reaches this augment, I implore you to try it out. It will really buff your survivability with Amara. It’s a really underrated augment.


I use it with my fisticuffs Amara, shame they took almost one year to fix it

ouu this is nice to hear. i think i will try a new build. good looking out :smiley:

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I think this is what borked Dominance for FL4K. Previously, enemies would only focus on actual enemies (items with red dots), where now, Dominated enemies fight each other (which includes fighting FL4K’s pets). This means that you get a lot of infighting instead of them focusing on the external threats. It’s probably fine for Glamour (since enemies are still fighting each other), but it basically negates FL4K’s pets because they’re attacking enemies who are already doomed to die from the life drain. It also completely negates the Tr4iner COM, since the pet won’t stop attacking its convert until it’s dead.

I do wish they’d fix this fix (at least make Dominated enemies ignore and be ignored by FL4K’s pets). Dominance is still fun, but not at the cost of my pet and the functionality of the Tr4iner COM.

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I remember doing a TTB build with it a few months back and thought, if only I could deal damage to the confused enemies then this would be broken.

I guess that I’ll have to give it another go now. Could also be really good for future melee builds with the new tree and cryo element. If TTB could confuse and freeze all enemies l, then you would only need to walk up to the enemies and shatter them into pieces.

Am on Pandora with Amara now toying with it: can confirm that she can damage her Glamorized allies - orbs from Deliverance target the enemy, and weapons fire will kill them.

edit - random thing: if I throw Deliverance at a bricked Anointed, it will throw orbs as if it hit an actual target (makes it easier to line up enemies for increased orbs per throw).