Glich? Cheating? Exploit?! Don't know but a bit pissed off

So played my first game with an actual cheater. We can say the Marquis was cheating, but really it was more of an oversight. Benedict and Isic? Backdooring. Annoying yes; cheatin no. But this this is a whole new level

The clip is of the second sentry
This pic is of the first but my timing was off so that weird rock thing I’m starin at. Yeah in there

I’m assuming you reported the person who did this?

Oh yeah. So did my bud and the rest of the randoms. 1 win for communication 1 loss for incursion lol

I don’t understand how someone could enjoy playing that way. He’s trash

this is just sad…

Woah, so early Cheaters?! Why u even need to Cheat in Battleborn?! Punish him! Punish him hard, Gearbox!


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I went to bed right after so the picture wasn’t fully rendered yet so I uploaded the higher quality one and as you can see we were not even 2 minutes into the game he started this IMMEDIATELY. Somehow someone managed to kill him (or sentry don’t know) but he took the sentry down to like 60 health by that time. So he never went there again but at that second sentry; how do ya even do that he was IN the wall lol