Glitch after beating the destroyer

So I just killed the Destroyer in a online session, I wasn’t the host, and after the credit (i skipped them) I had nothing left. I found my inventory on the ground, but i realised that I only had 2 gun space and 12 inventory space. I still have my level,ammo, achivement but I don’t want to play the DLC without all my guns and inventory space. Anyone know this issue? How can I patch it? Ask me if there is anything missing to help me.

I never played online but I remember troll grenades were a thing but could one of them do this?

I thought they where patched out? Then again, randoms still try to mod their stuff, no matter which BL title you’re playing.

My game is clean, no mods or anything. Nothing have changed and I just had that bug…

No, but if you had a random joined your game, he/she might have had gear that removes your inventory.

No, it’s a friend lobby, and I don’t think he as such thing, we only played together