Glitch/Bug on Deande I noticed while playing her

Hey not sure where to report bugs or glitches but Figured I’d make an account and report it here. If you play Deande I noticed in one of my matches, I had a clone that did not despawn. Wondered if it was my Ult spawning a clone that just didn’t expire. Tried it a different one and noticed no that one disappears however, if you ULT then immediately do the spawn a clone left bumper you end up making two clones and one does not have a timer and will run around.

Well I decided to push this and had 6 deande’s including myself on the map. Some would eventually stop moving but other’s would continue following the mission object like an NPC. Not sure this can really be abused however since they still can die and disappear however figured it was not working as intended.

I had that once;
yesterday I did create a normal clone, I die right after the casting and I did keep the clone forever until she die;

Yeah problem is I can consistantly get it to work, and get 10+ clones by the end of a PvE map… They can still die, but once it gets to a certain point they start to “respawn” as player characters but do not take up a life even. I literally watched my 9 other deande’s kill Rendain on normal.

I posted this in the support section earlier.
When the clone dies it’s like I can not interact with the game at all until the next clone is available.
This has happened to me several times on several maps.

Lmao I know is a glitch but I would like to c an small army of deandes this would be funny

Check my gamertag for recent videos within the past 2 weeks or so. I played and recorded I think a few videos of it incase it could be used to show the glitch on these forums. Not sure Gearbox would find out me posting here or so but hopefully it brings it to their attention. :confused:

GT: Zilferofshadows

Where did u post your video at

Just on the normal Xbox DVR. Just googled that and my gamer tag.

lol i can images the reaction of the other players

They were all my friends/sister so not anything too halarious. I don’t use this in any games currently with randoms cus I don’t want to ruin their experience but I do it for fun currently until it is fixed to mess with my friends and roommates. xD

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I did this last night with some friends. There was about 20 Deandes when Hylis dropped in. Poor guy got swarmed by what looked like a mob of angry bees XD

I’m planning on recording a full team of Deandes with this. Might as well have fun with it before it gets patched.

Its pretty fun and doesn’t seem to happen outside of pve so its not really harming anything. They still have no real hp to speak of.

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They don’t have HP and I can confirm on Heliophage they are treated almost like a player character can be revived like a player character and when they die they spawn back to where the current player spawn is. You probably don’t see this in PvP because it requires you to get level 10 before you can start to apply it. Most of the time my games don’t go that high in PVP when I play so I can’t confirm or not whether you can do this in PvP.

As much as I would like to test that too afraid of also being reported despite having brought this up here in the forum. :slight_smile:

I try it it was so much fun all the islands where full of deandes lmao

From what I’ve seen, they only get incapped/need revives in Heliophage. Other than that, they instantly disappear and respawn like a player would.