Glitch Effects Transferring to Non-Glitch Guns

Anyone have this happen? I was leveling my Aurelia, had a glitch Jakobs sniper, switched to a purple Ravager, and the yellow glitch (burst fire) transferred to my shotgun. Not only that, but the effect stuck (it did not go back to normal upon reload or death). I promptly went to the mutator arena and used it clean house… and once I switched weapons it was gone. Anyone ever have this happen?

it seems to only go with jakobs snipers and the yellow glitch.

Wow, you’re right. I just threw one on my Nisha and her Luck Cannons broke EOS in 3 minutes. It also makes the LC usable on other characters (albeit stupidly overpowered).

I’ve had the voice part of the sploger (pickle gun) carry over to the thunderfire.

Jack can make use of the LC without this, because Absolute Advantage. Aurelia can also use it well if you can get crits consistently, since it’s basically a sniper rifle and has great synergy with LRK and Silver Lining.