Glitch for me tring to finish dlc 6

Scryers crypt, can’t get into the last area, it’s as if I’m walking on clouds and can’t get down to where I need to be.

Grrr. I have quit the program and restarted. Same thing.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Also, someone mentioned a great new Atlas pistol, which the bad guy did NOT drop for me. Grrr again.

Ps: I really hope GBX reverses their killing of legendary drops. I wasn’t using them but seeing them felt like I was doing SOMETHING.

Never mind. Figured it out. I didn’t understand what the game was doing.

You have to Find Ava first. The location moves around & takes a little while. After that the entrance will be clear.


The end of crypt is extremely confusing: you have to go back a little and find Ava first, you ll have to do it several times before being able to access boss. The boss might bug as well and become unkillable ( if his bar is empty while he is invisible ) :rofl: have fun