GLITCH FOUND: During 'Pandora's Next Top Mouthpeice' mission

When trying to get Puttergunk’s gunk for the admission sacrifices, if you open the door before Ellie finishes her line about ‘Look around, maybe you can shut off the power somehow’, she NEVER STOPS SAYING IT. This has happened on multiple playthroughs. She repeats that one line over and over, overriding any other voice comment that should be getting said until you leave the area.

Someone should look around and see if they can shut HER power off somehow.


You can also have Ellie repeat her dialogue about the Technical if you hijack it then exit it, etc.

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This has been an issue since the game launched. She will eventually shut up once the mission is complete. Kinda surprised this one hasn’t been fixed yet.

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Look around, maybe you can shut off the power somehow.


lol. Glad I’m not the only one. This is driving me insane. Hey Ellie…look around, maybe you can STFU somehow!!!

to bad its not fixed almost a year later, :c … i got the trophies and those are checked and it does not progress past that point, which sucks.

There’s an audio glitch like this in DLC 1 aswell. Freddie has a line when you first meet him, he basically introduces himself then yells at you for killing the “innocent” loader bots. I had this dialogue replay every time I died then respawned, or when entering a new area. Even after beating up the DLC I still have to listen to that line :confused:


Balex is also bugged. If you try talking to him once he’s on sanctuary, he will always repeat the line about throwing geniviv on a hard drive.