Glitch gun transfers cool or what

Are glitch gun transfers legal, intended, or cheating.
I’m using them because I have to, as they have become ubiquitous.
Did all I could to avoid this as it removes the finer points of the game.
Still it’s fun, but certainly easier and more child like.
They’ve been around so long why the sudden ubiquity.
I believe in the end same as save- editing it shortens the game re- play ability.
I do love this game and don’t want to see it dumbed down
I’m a fan of gear, but their great games seem to go to all bloody hell in the end. Still they are far and away the very best .

Its in the pool of flakswapping,You can do it but they’re not glorified by any stretch of the imagination.

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Just last night my glitch Diaub buffed my Kerblaster with loop. Holy crap it was ridiculous - not to mention I kept downing myself cause I was so thrown off by it. I agree it’s a bit much. Hell, even Nisha is a bit much.
As a side note, my Splodger transferred Pickle’s f-ing dialogue to my T4SR. Super lame.


So these are in fact true glitches and not composed tools like the
"backwards walk and drop" into General Knoxx’s armory or the so called
wraith glitch etc.
Not planned,… if that’s so… it’s wonderfully hilarious.
Got to say it’s elegant, it even solves it’s own ammo problem, including
myriad others to keep it active w/ grace.
It’s a lot fun, people really seem to enjoy it. (though I wonder if they
knew any other way)
However work that was put into oz kits, mods and even some skill tree
aspects is often nullified.
Anyway, I’m still having fun with it, and either way that is quite something

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