Glitch needs patching + my thoughts

There’s is an artifact glitch in the game that causes you to become invincible and it works online and offline. I cannot tell you how this works as my previous thread was closed because I explained how it’s done. I just want it patched because it’s ruining my game. Takes away the point of any shield and pretty much anything when you cannot die. Also there’s Defo not a billion guns. Just a bunch of binary cutsmans and woodblockers. This borderlands Is lacking legendary weapons. All the same just different stats with a different scope or something. Really Ive had super deluxe edition since a day before official release and I’m already bored of what I got. Nothing not even a scratch on previous borderlands. No characters are elaborated on apart from Lilith and Ellie, claptrap is not the same. Tannis is boring as usual. This game just feels naff and rushed.

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I just feel like no matter what you do in this game you will shoot and you will kill. You will die. You will go into second wind after the 3rd time of being downed it will rush your bar down and you will die. The AI is very predictable. It was fun for a week. Menu is still laggy. Just feel like it could’ve been way better.

I am not saying I do not enjoy the game as it was released. I played through the story 4 times maybe more and the game was really cool tbh. The soundtrack Is very good. I haven’t had any matchmaking issues and I understand that good things take time to perfect. I overall enjoyed what I payed for and was happy with my content. However once I was at the end game I was finding myself wondering what to do. I don’t want to sound like a party pooper or like I’m putting a downer on the game for other players. Borderlands became possibly my fav gaming franchise and I just feel like there is a lot of missed things that are easily fixable. But the game is cool. I would personally give it game of the year over anything else I have played.

So, you’re saying there’s a glitch (I know the one) that you can CHOOSE to use, to make yourself invincible, and that is somehow ruining the game for you. Simple fix: DON’T USE IT.
Gearbox have a LOT of things that are breaking the game, which they need to focus on fixing. They absolutely should NOT be having to focus on glitches that make the game easier somehow, when their attention could be focused on making the game better. As you said, the menu is laggy, for a start. Why would you want them to ignore the laggy menu and stop you from cheating, when ou don’t have to?


What you’re supposed to be doing, at the endgame, is building up your guardian rank, so you can play in higher mayhem modes and then TVHM, to repeat parts of the game over and over (play missions, farm bosses, do proving grounds/circle of slaughter, etc). If that sounds boring, take a break and play something else for a while, until new content comes out.
I agree that the game does try to rush you to the endgame and then feels lacking somehow, though.

Yeah it’s not that I want to or do not want to use it. It’s the fact that I am able to use this glitch to get an unfair advantage in game especially online. I would just rather it was not available for me to actually be able to perform because it does make the whole thing pointless. Why would I waste time with health and shield stats when I don’t need to? why would I go through the hell of mayhem mode AI accuracy stat in a circle of slaughter when I don’t have to and die over and over?. Because I can do it, is the reason I do it. I wish I was not able to perform it.

I have done this almost guardian rank 200 I wanted to max out my fire rate combined with a rapid infinity and that’s what I’ve been building towards but I can’t see what the point of it is anymore. I don’t feel like I’m working towards anything either like I have found everything possible.

So what your saying is you have no self-control and you WANT to do all those things, but only if gearbox forces you to, rather than just choosing to do them. You’re asking “Why would I go through the hell of actually playing the game?” and also “Why won’t they force me to have to go through the hell of playing the game?”, which is just weird.
If you don’t want to use the cheat, don’t use it. If you don’t like playing the game without it, use it. But why ask them to disable the option and also say you don’t like playing without it?


unfair to whom?

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Not just me using this glitch I know it’s used by other people but nobody seems to want to talk about it.

Advantage over who? I bet even though I don’t use any of the available glitches or cheap interactions, that I still have more elite gear in my 40 mule chars and a higher guardian rank then you. Even if you did have some sort of perceived advantage, it’s not a competitive game it’s a single player/co-op game so why in the hell would it matter?

Sure fix the glitch at some point, but it surely isn’t any kind of priority and nobody is forcing you to cheapen your own experience.


You can go in public games and duel with invincibility, I kind of feel bad for the other player I have tried this once to see if it worked and it does. So players cannot damage you as well as the AI

I’ve seen loads of people talking about it. There’s tons of youtube videos and stuff.
I know the glitch is there and I don’t use it, because (like you said), it ruins the experience. I focus on actually playing the game and I don’t see the problem.

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Advantage in duels. Say you duel a player who doesn’t know about this glitch and you have it active, then you will always win the duel.

Wait. So you are using the cheat to ruin other people’s fun and blaming the maker for not fixing it?

Yeah, this can give you an advantage in duels, but what does that DO? Duelling doesn’t get you anything, other than bragging rights, and if you have to cheat to get them, they’re meaningless.
What’s the point?


Ok and? There is no reason anyone needs to duel you. This is not a pvp game, never has been, never will be. Dueling is for fun with friends. If you pull some stupid ■■■■ like that on someone it’s going to be completely obvious and then they won’t play with you, again only harming yourself because of your own lack of self-control.


Yes the game is good, just how did they miss something like that? like what causes it? Who tested the game? How do people find things like this so easily and within such short time?

YOU tested the game. Honestly. Most big games companies now seem to rely on the people buying it to report bugs, so they can fix it.
Why didn’t they find a specific glitch on one item used a certain way they didn’t expect? Lack of time, lack of imagination or just not testing everything 100%.
Why did people find it so easy? The game sold 5 million units, in 5 days, meaning there are up to 5 million people or more discovering these bugs, vs the few hundred (maybe? I don’t know) people who playtest for gearbox. They literally can’t find every bug.
Not to mention, each new hotfix makes new bugs, which need testing and fixing with new hotfixes, which make new bugs, etc.

I don’t play with specific players. I drop in Lobby and play with random players. just because I find it more fun that way. I preferred the older borderlands ststems without instanced loot (I know it’s optional) but it was always about the respect of the match host. All legendarys I like to leave to host unless nobody picked it up, and even now I follow all host missions and what the host has chosen to do, never stray off course. It’s what I do on this game. But with instanced loot I feel it’s easy to find everything. Especially in a circles of slaughter where 50 legenadarys can drop and it’s almost all of them.

duels means nothing, so it’s really only unfair to the Ai and it doubt they cares too.

i don’t play online often, but when i do i play with someone who uses this glitch and guess what? i couldn’t care less. He’s also glitching his damage somehow (don’t care how) so he’s pretty efficient in killing stuff and it still doesn’t bother me. but i’m aware that people think differently about things like this.

Hell, i just realised that i actually prefer him playing like that because i don’t have to keep ressing someone.