Glitch Problem with commander Lilith DLC

When I received the new mission “Shooting the moon” Brick disappeared. Without him knocking over the “tube” I can’t get to Helios down and cannot proceed with the story. I have tried restarting, doing other missions and coming back. Nothing is working


Same thing is happening to me and I’m on PS4.

A couple more for the list. One enemy from the fight to save Mordi can disappear keeping you from being able to revive him (Mordi) and completing the mission. Restarting the game and doing it over seemed to work.

Also, the Dr. Zed mission where you pick up infected parts to return to Zed loses it mission marker inside the Backburner. Minor issues to be certain but worth throwing out there.

Could you fill in a support ticket with as much information as possible about the issue. Hopefully someone will get back to you soon, and this should help Gearbox identify the issue so they can patch it as soon as possible.

I submitted a support ticket a few days ago. Still waiting to hear back.

I have the same problem:(