Glitch: Stuck in environment during Takedown at the Guardian Breach

During the new Takedown event I got stuck in the environment. I cannot get out of there. Of course, teleporting would get me out of it, but I will lose my progress in the Takedown - hence it is something that should be addressed for future attempts.

I got in this spot by walking up the structure (this is intended, as there is a chest there).
Next, I dropped down through a hole in the corner, which got me into the structure. Apparently that specific drop should not be possible, as there is no way out of the structure.


Hidden wall in front of my character:

If you go to the left, away from the vending machines you can parkour your way back up out of there. I got stuck there on my first run right before missing the platform at Anathema :man_facepalming:

Thanks, next time I’ll try a little bit harder to parkour my way out of there, although I don’t think I’ll fall for that one again :smiley:

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