Glitch Trophy Master Of All You Survey

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the trophy … it’s glitched.
I have visited all the named places in my first normal run (without starting another). The counter marks 221/223. I hope they fix it with a patch.

Planets ok
Circle of Slaughter ok (all visited but slaughterstar 3000 and Cistern slaughter didn’t show them to me)
Eridian Proving Ground ok

Any solution?

Try this, I had the same problem and it worked for me, may as well for you
Buggy: Pitt’s Stop in the Splinterlands is bugged. Keep going in and out and running around the location until it gets re-discovered.

Hi guys

I have an issue where I have a trophy for Master of all you survey (Discover all named locations) but don’t have the one for City Slicker (Discover all named locations on Promethea). It shows that I have discovered all the locations on promethea but still don’t get the Trophy.

Any tips or advice that could possibly help me?

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Mmm ok! But you think that It work? I have Pandora trophy

Hi! Try to visit the new area (maliwan secret base)
For me its worked!

Perfect thanks i’ll give it a try tonight.

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I try, but dont work for me.

So here’s a conundrum… I got Master of all I survey earlier but habe none of the bronze trophies (pandora named locations etc) except Nekrotefayo??? What the

I’m having problems with the hundred names for sand trophy. Have all locations found, but no drop. Oddly also have the master of all you survey trophy. have tried the splinter lands fix but no luck. It’s the last trophy I need for the plat so it’s a bit frustrating.

Same problem… No solution for me…

Have you try?

The hundred names for sand trophy popped yesterday while going through sandblast scar, the reckless risers location. Needless to say it had already been discovered so wasn’t a new area, but the entire locations / trophy thing has been bugged from the start, so no surprise. Got the plat at the same time so was happy about that!

Last patch does not solve the problem! :sob: