Glitch with Ambra: She was unbreakable

In playing the other night, I was playing Ambra and halfway through the game she became invincible. She lost no shield or health, my friend had to leave so I went on to the boss battle alone and until I hit the ceiling in the final battle, she was unbeatable. I recorded some of it. First major glitch I’ve encountered. Anyone else have it?
Video of glitch:

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Lmao, that last phase of ISIC is so bad that even invuln characters die from it… :sweat_smile:

I’ll ping @Jythri in case they haven’t seen this yet, if there’s a possibility this could happen in PvP…

The Overshield also wasn’t depledting, it should be on a timer. Could be connected to it. I assume it was from a pickup and not Ambras passive Flameshield?

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Wow, that’s huge. It appears to be from a pickup, so at least it won’t ruin a PVP match.

I’ve had this happen with Kleese on Saboteur but I dunno how.

I literally tanked the entire last room and boss NP.

I had this happen with Galilea in Saboteur. Never lost any health or shield after the launch pad part or so. It was pretty awesome.

I remember something strange happening. Like I died right as I triggered my ult. I don’t quite remember, but it was after that I noticed the invincibility.

Not sure, don’t remember picking up anything special but maybe

It happened to me as Rath once, it was a ton of fun getting it around level 4, made the rest of the mission a breeze

BTW What’s with that shards producing gear? +4/s, what’s it name?

It’s Destroyer’s Shard Extractor, +1.80 bonus per sec and +1.20 bonus per sec after a kill. I didn’t realize how great it was until after I was using it. So many shards.