Glitch with Zero's deception skill

Hi all, so I’ve been playing zero and whenever I go into deception, enemies will either disappear out glitch severely and only show portions of their bodies. It’s quite frustrating as I play a sniping build. Any suggestions on a fix?

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When you say “part of their bodies”, do you mean like an arm or a leg, or are you referring to the fact that they look like blue ghosts? The latter is normal when in deception. If it’s the former, you may just have found a bug with the Vita port of the game.

Thank you for your reply!
The former, unfortunately. Various portions of their bodies will appear as solid black, cut off from the rest by clear, see through space. Usually their heads and shoulders appear, although separated by that clear space. I did some searching before posting and found one other person who asked about the same issue. They came to the conclusion that it happened only after the latest patch but there was no more information.

Sounds like the Vita can’t keep up with the graphics demands for some reason. All I can suggest at this point is filing a bug report:

Will do, thank you much.

Mine is still like that and it’s really frustrating to play ZeRo with this glitch :disappointed:

Mine too - I cross save with my Melee Zer0 on Ps4, and it’s pretty useless on Vita - when I’m in Deception by the time I have found the enemy it has worn off!

The vita can handle it it wasn’t a problem until the new patch

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