Glitched Bad Ass Rank Fix

Well I think it’s high time I fix my glitched Bad Ass Rank.

It started to glitch back when I still am using a PS3, I am using my Main account and another account (well you know, for solo play). Then my main account BAR got glitched, i think It got something to do with starting the game in another controller in another account then after the load up screen I accidentally hit x with my main account, then after the loading of the main menu the game says it sync the profile and i got thousands of BAR and Tokens.

I soon sold my PS3 and upgraded to my PS4, i did not port anything to the cloud since I wanted to start fresh, I use however the main PS4 account i have but when i started the game my old BAR and tokens got synched.

Did not bother to fix it for a long time. And since am playing with BAR off anyways, decided to fix the BAR. I submitted a ticket to Gearbox and this is what they have to say.

"Fortunately, an update that addresses an issue where a players’ Badass Rank resets, (also heads, skins and Golden Keys) and allows the restoration of lost Badass Rank has been released. This update contains a new function that scans your character data upon load to make sure that you have the proper amount of Badass Rank based on challenge completion.

The way we detect the loss is by scanning your save data to determine how much Badass Rank each character should have and then comparing that to your total Badass Rank. Each character is scanned individually, that’s why we will ask you to individually load each character. If the total Badass Rank is less than what a character’s save data indicates it should be, then it’s restored. But if the scan indicates that none of your characters should have a Badass Rank greater than the current total, then it won’t be restored as the system is unable to detect the loss. So, please leave the game, then relaunch and load each character individually, then let us know if the Badass Rank is not restored by this process."

Tried to launch every character I have in my main account (I think around 32, 6 OP8 character, 6 72 characters, 9 OP8 Loot Storage per category, 5 Level 1 - OP Levels Loot storage and 6 for COMS storage(1 for each character)). And I don’t think the fix work.

Since I don’t mind to start from 0 BAR and Tokens (planning not to allocate anything at all) and do not mind losing heads and skins, will try this fix below that i found:

1: Delete the profile save.
2: Start the game while offline and create a new character. Pause the game as soon as you gain control of it.
3: Connect to PSN while you have that character loaded.
4: Exit as soon as the game starts.
5: Copy the new rank to a flash drive and delete it from your console.
6: Start your game and get one badass rank.
7: Replace your new profile with the one you put on your flash drive.
8: Start the game offline then after getting to the main menu (continue new game etc) turn your internet back on and play.

Hope it works. Also If anyone know some fix that works let me know.


Might do this as well. My BAR is all screwed at like +200% for every stat and I just play with it off Kinda wish I never messed with it in the first place because now playing with it on just feels cheap. Thanks :slight_smile:


Did not work for me, or maybe i miss to do 1 of the steps.

Well at least the Tokens resets.


Is that a pic of your current stats or somebody else. Because Holy Crap that’s a lot lol

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Yep, that’s mine, Like I said it glitched.

That process you posted was bizarrely complicated. The “BAR fix” mentioned in the Gearbox tech support note was the one for when your BAR was reset to zero (and you lost all your heads and skins), not for if your BAR was hit by slag-licked or something else and sent to monstrous levels. Not sure how the second one would be fixed because presumably those challenge numbers are in the character save that was affected by the glitch?


Also, did you just not spend any tokens the entire time? Because I thought on PS4 you could only disable the stats, not completely refund all tokens as if they are unspent.

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I deleted the profile save a while ago but the tank and tokens sync back.


I think you found the best workable fix, basically you have a ridiculous amount of tokens, but they aren’t spent so now you can choose between just playing with BAR off or spending an amount you consider reasonable for a player with your hours in the game to have…when I switched to PS4, I don’t know if this is the norm, but it must have calculated how many tokens I had over the years and gave me those, but didn’t apply any to my BAR, so I have a blank BAR as you have…mainly due to not wanting to go through it all again and partly because I found it was fine playing with BAR off, I chose to not spend any points and just leave BAR off with no points allocated…I’m pretty sure mine didn’t glitch though, as it doesn’t seem like I have an absurd amount of tokens as it shows for you above…


Finally it worked, i have fixed my badass rank. Hope it will not revert back to the previous rank :pray:

This is the steps i made
1 delete the profile save
2. Turn internet off
3. Open the game
4 create new character
5.pause once you gain control
6 connect to psn
7 once connected exit the game
8 cooy new profile to a usb or online storage
9. Delete the profile in your console
10 turn internet off again
11 start game choose your character and get 1 badass rank (i just click the vault symbol near the stash)
12 exit the game
13 copy the profile you save earlier back to the console
14 start the game once you get to main menu (the one where you select character) connect back your internet then continue game and play.

I tried this before but after i hit continue it gives me back the rank, but it work for me this time. I also join an lobby and it did not sync :grin:.



It sync back in my recent session. Well don’t bother to try the above method, lol

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