Glitched Challenge Fixes? (PS4)

This is nearly driving me to more despair than soloing Voracidous.

I’m aware that there are a few other threads here on this problem, but they’re old, and none concern - that I’m aware of - one of the challenges I have glitched.

Since I’m so lucky, my fire, slag, and corrosive challenges all glitched out. I think I have a rough idea on how to fix that - keep using the elements until the challenge pops again and then stop - but I don’t know how to fix my other one: “Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all.”

I can’t really understand what the very few sites that talk about a fix for this are saying. They just tell us to “keep killing bosses, collecting money, and selling the loot.”

My counter shows -420,814,200/5000.

Does that mean I have to collect ~421 million dollars somehow?

I really don’t want to do something foolish and waste my time trying a fix that won’t even work, so anyone who has a better idea on how to do this (or if it can be done) will be listened to most attentively.

One last thing: there’s an issue of getting the challenges all fixed at once. If I fix all of my elemental ones, I won’t be able to slag, corrode, or incendiary any of the bosses I have to kill to get my money. But if I wait to do the elemental fixes until I get my money, I’ll end up picking up more money.

I have to say I’m very disappointed they didn’t do anything to fix this. Someone at Gearbox chimed in five years ago on one of the threads concerning this problem, assuring us that they were working on a fix - but it never came.

I should have this trophy 20 times over already. I wish I just had it once.

This is actually a very well known glitch for all elemental damage challenges, although for most people it’s the slag-licked challenge that is the worst.

It’s an issue where the total damage done overflowed the integer holding it, so the number essentially wrapped around and became negative. I’ve seen various attempts at fixes, but none of them seem to stick. Search the BL2 PS4 or Handsome Collection PS4 tech support sections for slag-licked (search icon in top-right) and you should find at least some of those.

I’m honestly not sure what to advise. There was an unexpected major patch long after the game came out that fixed a ton of stuff, but this apparently didn’t make it in to that.

Your best bet may be to start a character from scratch (or use one of the boosted ones) and use that to complete all the challenges you need to get the trophy. Just stay in NVHM so you don’t start getting massive damage increases (which seems to be part of why the situation arose in the first place.)

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Thanks for the reply.

After plotting out how this should work today, I finally got the trophy to pop. For everyone out there who chances upon this thread in the future, the glitch is still fixable in 2020 (again, I’m on PS4, playing THC). Let me try to be very clear about what was glitched for me and how I went about getting everything back to zero.

Glitches: “Corroderate” (-1.2 billion), “I Wanna Set the World on Fire” (-700 million), “Slag Licked” (number doesn’t matter), and “Dollar Dollar Bills, Y’all” (-420 million).

If you’re unfortunate enough to have several elemental/loot glitches hitting your game concurrently - as I was - you’re going to have to be sure that fixing one doesn’t lead to undoing another one you may have already fixed. This can happen if, say, you’re working on the fire challenge after resetting the corrosive one, and as Maya you have cloud kill active. You’ll end up dealing a ton of corrosive damage on the side, and the game will very likely send you back to -1 billion or whatever.

So here’s how I proceeded as a level 80 Siren.

  1. I used the infinite money glitch in the Holy Spirits bar (Glitching Queen has a good video on how to do it) to whittle away at my money. You can get, more or less, 99 million each time you do the glitch, go back out, buy everything at the vending machines just outside, throw it all on the ground, then go back and and do the glitch again, as much as you need.

I did not want to actually complete the challenge at this point, since I knew I would have to go and kill a bunch of enemies for the elemental ones that were still messed up. I figured I might accidentally pick up enough money to screw the challenge up again.

I left it at about -58 million, then headed to Pyro Pete’s bar.

  1. Most places online will tell you the best place to fix your elemental glitches is Pete’s bar. Turns out they’re right.

You can just forget about the slag challenge for basically the duration, since that one pops every 15 minutes or so anyway.

I did Incendiary first because I could simultaneously begin digging out of the massive corrosive hole I was in via cloud kill.

All you need to do is equip a fire weapon with good DOT chance - I used a Nirvana - and equip a nice incendiary grenade - Antifection was my choice - then run right up to the doorway of the barroom. No need to activate the actual brawl at the mission board. If you just start blasting away the enemies will respawn more or less infinitely.

I’d do about 200-300 million fire DOT damage each go 'round before save quitting and starting again. Did not take long; maybe 30 minutes.

Now, for “Corroderate,” just make sure you’re not specced into Helios - ruin doesn’t involve fire, so that’s fine.

Same idea: equip a high DOT corrosive weapon (I used a Pimpernel) or whatever you please - it doesn’t really matter because of cloud kill. I switched to a corrosive Bitch when I got low on sniper ammo and did plenty of DOT damage, despite that gun having a very low DOT chance.

If you can, it might be a good idea to stop slagging people once “slag licked” completes as you’re relatively close to hitting zero. It’s ideal to not have to kill more people to complete the slag challenge again once you’re all caught up on whatever other elemental challenges you needed to fix.

  1. Before going back to the Holy Spirits, spec out of everything elemental - notably ruin, helios, and cloud kill if you’re Maya, and mutatis mutandis for every other character.

Go back, reactivate the glitch, and complete the money challenge.

A word of caution - my trophy did not pop until I got to level 5 on “Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all.” Makes no sense, but that’s what happened. I sat there going through my challenge list with a fine-toothed comb, wondering what I missed, as the trophy wasn’t popping when it damn well should have been.

So I said “screw it” and grabbed some more money - then it popped.


– To reiterate, the negative numbers on your glitched challenges are not stuck there. I have read some people saying they were stuck for them, but I don’t know how diligently they examined their numbers (they tend to be pretty large, so it’s easy to miss the number decreasing if you’re not doing it in large chunks).

Thus, you simply have to treat the glitched challenges like they’re making you do them 20x over before unlocking. That’s the gist of it.

Last of all, I should note that I’ve seen other people who’ve had “Heal plz” glitched. That didn’t happen for me, thankfully, but I’d imagine the process of fixing it is the same.

Hope this helps!