Glitched dlc/items! "requires hammerlock's hunt" help me please

Hello guys
So all the items from hammerlock’s hunt dlc doesnt work for me for some reason , i can pick it up fine but when i try to use it (like the Rough Rider Shield/some skins ) above the item it says “Requires Hammerlock’s Hunt” >_< its ticking me off because im im already in Hunters Grotto and i am almost finished with all the quests in hammerlock’s hunt dlc . all other Dlc’s work just fine for me i dont know what to do :’(

Any help would be appreciated <3
Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad English

Sounds like the DRM registration is wonky. Are you logged in using the same profile as the one used to purchase/download the DLC content? If so, go into your account settings and do a licence transfer, then go into your downloads/purchase history, select the DLC, and “Download again”. That should just touch the downloaded file (ie should be quick jump from 1% to 100% completion.)

The only other time I’ve had an issue like this is when we moved our content to a new 360, and I discovered that my son had purchased Gaige even though I had Gaige already from the season pass pre-order. Eventually got that sorted out, but we have to be really careful if we need to re-download or move anything!

Thanks redownloading the dlc’s fixed it <3

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