Glitched Guns Returning?

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In BLTPS the claptrap dlc had lots of guns that were pink rarity or glitched guns . They had effects boosted damage , Reload Speed or even a fire rate effect . These are really usefull at the end of the pre sequel . They were intresting especially the Jakobs weapons ! So will they return i hope so they said all manufactures . Will They return with 87 bazillion guns…! These could also be effects on legendary weapons. Edit: This has already been answered and mostly all of us agree on glitched guns returning as seraphs instead of glitched guns. Basically glitched guns most likely won’t be in the game considering that they were in a dlc not the main game.

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I don’t think atm that glitch weapons will return however the rarity color may since it was also used for seraph weapons in BL2. A mechanic like that IMO would probably have been a manufacturer gimmick in BL3 given how much further those gimmicks evolved since BL2/TPS. Possibly it could be brought back under the banner of “SCAV” as a “manufacturer” in that these weapons came into existence due to people building guns out of random scavenged parts.

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I suspect they will give some of the glitch effects to legendaries. I could see a line of legendaries that come with the overcharge effect for instance.

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Don’t think so, their whole theme was sort of tied to being inside Claptrap’s mind. There might be a unique glitched weapon as a sort of easter egg, though.
And the general effect of “something cool can happen with each new mag” might return, even if it isn’t called a glitch weapon.

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What would be really cool is if there is an arcade storefront in a Promethean city where we get sucked into an arcade game world (like Wreck-it-Ralph) where we can move between different arcade games. Then the glitched guns could make a return since it would be similar to being inside Claptrap’s mind.

That’d be dope.

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Pretty good ideas you know there is a section called fan creations for stuff like that!.

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Yeah, I think ‘glitches’ only make sense in this context.

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I hope not, so we can get Seraphs back