Glitched Legendary Items

I pre-ordered the Super Delux edition of the game and went through the process to redeem the items from my mail box in the menus. However 3 items I received appear to be useless for all intents and purposes.

They are all three Orange color(legendary) but item score of 15. They all say they do zero damage and have only a level 1 requirement. I will attach images of this to see if any fixes can be found or help identify the issue. Thanks in advance. 20190917_235603 20190917_235609 20190917_235421

Honestly dont think it’s worth worrying about them. You’ll out level them in an hr

You underestimate my ability to have fun with what others deem useless. And that doesn’t change the fact I paid extra money for something I didn’t get.

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I understand what you mean mine were useless. They were level 10 lol