Glitched mission

Hi I’m in need of some help

Just loaded up again today after I last played day before last and my character is still at leve 19 but my story mission has been reset and I am unable to complete it to move forward or even figure out how to get back to where I currently should be in the story!

Try finding someone who is just before that mission and join that game and get to end of mission. Also what are you playing on, console, pc, ect. And which mission.

Playing on ps5,

Tried that and completed the mission, didn’t work.

Managed to get to the area on my own playthrough and have now completed the mission, but I’ve gone further now but it keeps taking me back to another mission. Games ■■■■■■!
Logged out and back in, done the mission where get car from Ellie and then got vault map twice! Log out and back in nope need to do it all over again!

could be just bug on ps5 version maybe as didnt hear this happening on ps4/xbox as ps5 does have few bugs apparently it seems anyway which dont surprize me