Glitched relic leaving you at 1 HP

I’ve found that when having the Legendary Artifact, Hot Drop Deathless, equipped you are left with one HP. It is not a visual glitch. You literally have one HP and you can’t pick up syringes and you can’t regen health health naturally or from any perks, you can’t just die to fix it or leave the game and rejoin. You just have to unequip it and your health will work normally again. I don’t know if this is apart of the Artifact because it is based if of the God of Death or not, but if it is not supposed to do that then please fix as soon as possible Gearbox.

This is the intended effect of the artifact. The gimmick is that it removes all health but 1 and adds it to your shield capacity. If you look around the Moze sub forum you’ll see they work really well with her. I don’t believe any of the other vault hunters get much out of it.

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That’s the whole point of the artifact, just read the describtion. It buffs your shield but makes it so you can’t go above 1 hp. It’s really good on Moze, especially when combined with a Bloodletter Class Mod because she can buff shields, too and has a skill that lets her do considerably more damage the lower she is on health.