Glitched Shock Practicable Shotguns...Anyone?

Ok…I posted this “LF” on the Handsome Jack forum, and got no response (is this game dead?). I’m looking to do a trade for the Glitched Shock Practicable Development and/or Thinking. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

srry don’t hav what your looking for but do u hav puple weapons by any chance my psn is nightwingisboss

hey @Sun_TsuNami I’ve got a lvl 70 glitched shock practicable thinking I’d be interested in trading for the purple Indistinguishable Projection Com you mentioned you found in another thread (I assume the mod is lvl 70?) My PSN is bevross (I’m on PS3)

That would be awesome! When is a good time?

oh, it is level 70 but the hyperion damage is not at perfect level.