Glitched story mission

I’m on ps4 and I’vestarted a TVHM run but I’m stuck at the start, on the mission where they give your first Oz kit(lost legion invasion). What can I do?

Where exactly are you stuck? Are you in the container on Elpis or somewhere else? Does a save/quit/restart get you going again?

I’m stuck in the parts where you break 4 locks and gets an Oz kit for the mission. Normally Janey springs would come and you compete the quest and gives you an Oz kit, but she’s not coming.
I tried closing the game, turning of the ps4, playing with another character, and switching back to normal mode and back to TVHM, but nothing helped.

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Did you break the locks and grab the parts? I think you have to go inside and kill the kraggons that come out of the hole in the wall before she’ll come over. If you’ve done that (and doing it again doesn’t solve the issue), you’ll probably need to complete the game in someone else’s game. You can post here to ask for help.

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Correct, break locks, go inside, kill 2 kragons that come from the rightside and collect parts.

and then if that does not work find someone who is at that point in the game as VaultHunter101 suggests