"Glitched Weapons" being the new Pearlescent?

Apparently there are there own weapon rarity, being red and having numbers in their names and such.

I think that they might me more similar to the E-tech rarity from BL2.

I was thinking they would be like gemstone weapons from TTaoDK


I hope they aren’t as mundane as E-Techs or the gemstone gear; I hope they are more like odd weapons that either didn’t get fully tested to find out if they were good ideas and/or factory defectives that behave in odd ways. I think the devs could have a lot of fun with what they create, and we could have a lot of fun finding out what was good and what was terrible - as long as we were willing to think of “fun” as something beyond “increases my damage output and ability to take down raid bosses”. :smile:

I just hope they aren’t the replacement for any new legendaries we might have gotten

If you mean the pearlescent’s from the new DLC [which is awesome BTW] they don’t seem remarkably rare. Far less so than legendary gear. In my journey through claptraps mind I got 10 of them, I even got 3 at once from a specific chest you get to open from the start of that DLC. Frankly a few of the blues were more remarkable. There is this one laser weapon that is blue…it shoots random elemental damage beams, which makes it to my mind the ONLY weapon in BLTPS that can do all elemental damage types…and when I get to level 70 eventually, it is a weapon I will be looking to get my hands on. evil laugh

No, GOD no. Not even close. When I think of the awesomeness of the Butcher’s sauce, I can’t possibly compare any of the glitched weapons to it.

Something like E-tech or purple, with the glitchy goodness. As stated elsewhere above, most similar to the gemstone weapons from TTAoDK.

Something more similar to purples with Luneshine, but random Luneshine. Very Claptrappy. This was a really nice touch for the DLC.

They are just purples with a slightly larger mag size and the possibility of a dps boost.

I’d put them more on par with seraphs, but even I’ll admit that’s just me being pedantic. Though to answer the question, yes.

That laser isn’t the only weapon that can change elements. The Four Seasons Grenade changes elements when you throw it