Glitchers are ruining the game for everyone else

Is it me or are people taking advantage of the glitches ruining the game for everyone else?

1: Legendary drops are so low now that you basically have to find ways to glitch the system… Let the glitchers get their legendaries if they want by cheating but dont ruin the game for everyone else enjoying the game by lowering the drop rate… Not everyone wants to cheat in the game.

2: The leveling/Token glitch when offline and online needs to be fixed ASAP: I randomly joined a match where someone was using that glitch. And now I have -58 tokens and I didnt ask for that. I didnt know I was playing a game with a glitcher. If anything, there should be a design in Borderlands 3, just like Diablo 3 where you can boost up the other classes after you reach max levels. There’s no point in beating the game 4 times in a row, 8 times if you want to play Vault Hunter mode with all of them. ALso I say they should look at Diablo 3 end game and see how the game actually starts there.

I dont see the point of using a glitch to get ahead in the game. What’s the point? You have all the legendaries and all the tokens what now? People actually think they are better in the game because they used a glitch? What’s the fun in that? Gearbox should implement things in the game that make it more fun in the end game so people don’t feel like they should use a glitch… I say you put a permanent skin on players’ champions that show they used a glitch to get ahead.

My main point is, don’t compensate the game for the glitchers, balance the game for the people who actually are playing the game and fix what the cheaters are doing seperately in a permanent patch (Not a hot fix). There’s no point for everyone to be affected because of a group of people who think the game is a job and would rather use a glitch to get a head. I enjoy the game and there’s no point to cheating in it… because the point of the game is to hunt for legendaries and level up… But now the game is broken because of the patches trying to compensate for the cheaters… And now it does feel like a drag to play the end game.


Just play with friends only. Plenty of decent folks in the online play sections.


Randos can ruin a gaming experience with or without glitches. The solution is not to play with randos.


I get crap for saying devs should facilitate the playerbase’s ability to segregate themselves by playstyle, because ultimately that leads to a more positive gaming environment, by encouraging like-minded players to play with each other. (The labels for rooms was a great idea. A block/kick feature is a great idea.)

But saying “just play with friends only” or “never play with strangers” is supposed to be okay, even though that massively reduces the player pool you can play with?

What kind of community do we want to have? :confused:

Often I feel like we don’t even want a community in video games anymore, we just want excuses to fight and post crappy things on social media.


Also the patch compensating the cheaters has created a line of complaints from people on Mayhem 3 not getting any legendaries now.

I don’t think that’s actually true, tbh.
sure, the game a few hotfixes ago used to give you SO MANY legendaries but now it’s preatty mutch on a good spot.
Maybe you should try to farm bosses? it’s easier to find legendaries on bosses.

imho the way the game used to basically throw free legendaries even from standard enemies was too mutch.

i guess that my advise in this case could be a bit…“too mutch” for some people but maybe you should try to avoid coop all togheder untill the game gets a patch?

i play only in solo (untill the patch comes out at least) and i got that bug once from day one, basically.

For the offline experience glitch, that’s something that really needs to be fixed. I took my PlayStation over to my friends for the weekend and we played split screen as he couldn’t afford the game. He didn’t have internet but we played a hell of a long time. Came home and found myself at -38 because of it.

I think the nerf to drops was needed but they should buff something in return. ‘Hey we nerfed loot drops BUT we’ve increased how much Eridian you gain from farming bosses’. So we still feel like we’re gaining something or the process - that’s why so many people farm after all.

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Thanks for your reply:

Maybe I’m just unlucky then becasue I’m not getting any drops in the game in Mayhem 3, but I am just playing all the side missions.

It’s sad that people take advantage of a glitch and other players get affected. Having to avoid co-op sux, I mean this game is more fun in co-op.

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Yeah a buff in return would be a good thing.

Oh, i totally get what you’re saying. i hate that too.

another reason why i play only solo or with friends i know.
but i guess gearbox has a bit too mutch on their hands to put a patch this early.
don’t get me wrong, it’s their fault but i also can understand what gearbox is going throught right now.

it has to be actually madness trying to fix 12 problems and at the same time putting out hotfixes, nerfs, buffs, events, testing the ground for the first dlc and all that.

for what i can tell you in my experience you don’t even need to go to mayhem 3 to get legendaries.
it may just be that i’m batshit lucky but i got like 4 legendaries from the first vault yesterday in mayhem 1 with my second character

You are pretty lucky! WTF why not me!.. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

it might seem like that but i LITERALLY GET ALWAYS THE SAME LEGENDARIES!
i hate that so muth! hahahaha

a few days ago i got the polybius shotgun for the first time and i almost cried. :rofl::rofl:

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Are you on Normal or TVHM? I’m on TVHM and when I turn Mayhem 3 on, I see dozens of legendaries every hour.

TVHM Mayhem 3, but I admit I’m not spam farming bosses. I thought the point of end game was to explore and do side missions…I played borderlands 2 but never reached end game. But I hear you have to save/quit to spam bosses.

I havent seen any glitches, the option to play offline isnt a glitch. It is intended to be playable offline.

As far as loot. It comes down to how people spend their time.

I went thru normal and tvhm on one character. Farming while I went along partly so I could explore and partly to find potential bosses to farm.

I got plenty of legendaries along the way.

I’ve also farmed online and offline. Legendaries are nerfed but they still drop. Maybe not 5 or 7 at a time but they still drop I got 3 to drop at once online.

None of these release issues will matter after the first time they raise the level cap.

Just farm up some legendaries, figure out your build going forward, and take it from there.

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[quote=“furionps4, post:1, topic:3652465, full:true”]
Is it me or are people taking advantage of the glitches ruining the game for everyone else?

1: Legendary drops are so low now that you basically have to find ways to glitch the system… Let the glitchers get their legendaries if they want by cheating but dont ruin the game for everyone else enjoying the game by lowering the drop rate… Not everyone wants to cheat in the game.

Not sure how long you have played the Borderlands series but the drops seem on par for me. Got one off of a badass this morning and only took two tries on a mini boss last night to get one. They seemed to have increased the rate for this game actually. RNG is RNG, hope your luck get better tho.

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I have bad luck. :joy:

Hence the reason I never, ever play with anyone I don’t know personally. I won’t risk getting burned because some a-hole decides to manipulate the game while I’m in it.

I guess I need to read up on it, but what was the nerf for in the first place? Was there a glitch in the game at release that Gearbox was made aware of, but only after a ton of people loaded up on loot? If so, I don’t have an issue with Gearbox addressing the glitch. It wasn’t anyone’s fault in particular but those that did engage in actual “cheating” should have been punished in some way or the other. I found the drop rate fine from the moment I started playing and haven’t noticed any real difference since the patch. It seems like there’s a whole lot of complaining for not so much of an issue. If I’m wrong please explain.

For the OP, what level are you and what character did you start with, or are still using?

Aren’t legendaries sopose to be really rare. It takes the fun out of finding one if your getting alot of them.