Glitching cards not disappearing

Is there any known bug in progress where the card for items and pickups dont get stuck on screen? I can’t see anything with the card in the way and sometimes when finding a new item and looking at it it doesnt clear which forces me to reset my game. anyone else getting this?

You don’t need to reset your game, just open your menu and close it again, that gets rid of it.

sometimes that doesnt work either tho

I’m not sure about official progress, but I used to get it all the time in any game mode. I’ve noticed lately I don’t get it in single player - even though split screen is still plagued by this issue.

Haven’t had to reset the game though… If looking at something/opening a menu doesn’t work, try going into ffyl mode.

I rather not have to lose all my health to clear it. saving and quitting is faster and far more effective

That is torture in ss3000 or s shaft! It has never stuck on me though, looking at another item always fixed it for me.

That happens in bl2 still every so often. Usually pausing and unpausing fixes it.