Glithced Weapon Mechanics - Wnat Do We Know?

Ok guys, the DLC has been out for a few days now, and, to me, the greatest mystery is how exactly glitched guns work.

There must be some sort of rules that dictate their behaviour.

I have really only used two glitched weapons, a corrosive blaster and a shock splitter.

Here is my experience with the one I have used by the far the most, the glitched corrosive blaster:

Corrosive blaster, high accuracy, 6.0 fire rate, 203 percent continous damage bonus.

Since most of the enemies in the DLC turned out to be weak against Corrosive damage, this laser was a godsend.

It became the weapon I used 90 percent of the time for the rest of the DLC, that and a Shock, Fire or Cryo weapon for the few Corrosive resistant enemies.

Glitched weapons seem to function as a combination of all lasers in one form with a rapid fire, won’t stop firing till weapon is switched or magazine is emptied effect happening randomly.

Bonus damage seemed to be applied when this would happen as well.

Maybe not ALL laser types, I never saw my laser output become a beam type, but I definitely had it fire as a single beam rail gun and a 6 burst splitter.

When it went into bonus firing speed mode as the splitter, I killed a boss in literally four shots.

The damage it would do was mind blowing.

I got a glitched Shock Blaster (identical almost to the Corrosive one) that functioned identically.


What has you guys experiences with glitched weapons been so far?

I am curious to how other weapon types work as Glitched.

As I said, I have only tried Glitched lasers.

Has anyone taken any time to experiment and work out some consistent behaviors with glitched weapons yet?

covers a lot of this.

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Whoa, thanks.

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ask, and ye shall receive :grin:

There are 4 glitch types, red, yellow, green and blue. these are the colors that the gun turns when it glitches. red deals massive damage and lowers your fire rate. yellow shoots really fast and has a chance to use less ammo. Green makes it a shotgun, and blue give it a small damage buff in exchange for some of your shield when you fire.

The glitch code on the gun shows you how likely the 4 glitches are. the letters, O, L, M, A, refer to the 4 glitch types. not sure what the popular way to remember them is, but i use: O = Overkill. L = Lots (of bullets). M = Multiple (shotgun). A = Amp. the letters next to the numbers represent how likely each glitch is to occur, 0 meaning not at all and 5 meaning most likely.

glitches activate when you reload.

also, fun fact, glitch weapons can come with any parts, such as a pepperbox, a jakobs pistol with a vladof barrel.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question!

i think the numbers mean percent (times ten). so a 5 means 50% chance for the effect, a 1 is 10% etc.
i think this bc the numbers are never more then 10 combined, and since u have reloads without an effect this makes sense to me, cause all numbers also never equal 10.
i hope u understand what i want to say :smile: