Global join = modifiers undone

I didn’t want to submit a ticket but I haven’t heard anyone talking about this. If you are on Global and someone joins your game, it re-rolls your mayhem modifiers which is terrible. I usually play with Global on but had to turn it to friends only because randoms joining my game re-rolls my modifiers which impacts some forms of game-play. I know it’s not intended, just wanted to throw this out in the world in case people (or gearbox) were not aware.

Note: I believe it takes the modifiers of the person who joins you but cannot confirm, in case this helps.

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Considering the state of the many of the modifiers, this is yet another fun-ruining issue. I’m having to abandon more and more sessions or areas because of perma-immune enemies with the Buddy System drones in inaccessible areas. The number of enjoyable, or even playable, modifiers is diminishing each day for me.

Guess I’ll stick with Friends only, no need to do otherwise.

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