Global Matchmaking?

Is there any way to make battleborn search globally for a game, I’ve played mainly on the American servers due to being partied with said person, but if I try to solo I can’t find a game at all (Located in New Zealand). I’ve been waiting hours on end to connect to someone. I love this game, I story is good, the dialogue is great and the character design is outstanding (Beatrix is my favourite as of 24th Feb 2017) But the 1 thing I miss is multiplayer.

Is there any way for Gearbox to change this? or a way for me to change it?

Any feedback is appreciated

What platform are you on? You can change steams download region on the fly to try and find matches on different servers. I think you can change the preferred region on console now too?

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You my friend are a lifesaver :slight_smile: thank you


only in private matches

Oh, really? I thought they’d do it for public too. That’s a huge bummer :confused:
Poor Aussies…