Global save data lost every time I quit

All my character independent save data is wiped every time I save and quit. So I’ve farmed money and Xp for 7 hours this morning alone, to buy 10mil bank sdu and get 5 guardian tokens just to have them wiped after I quit. All my character specific save info and progress seems fine, it’s just the bank and guardian rank resetting every time. I’m not going to keep wasting my time farming to lose everything.

Seems like local save and profile updates are not ‘sticking’ for some reason. When you launch the game, are you seeing the system ‘Syncing cloud storage’ message at all?

Save file issues on XBox seem to happen when a game is trying to update a file very frequently (as might be the case if you were save-quit farming). I would recommend at a minimum clearing the reserved storage for BL3 (note: reserved and not game save storage!) then doing a power reset.

Worst case scenario you’d have to do a factory reset, although you could probably get away with doing the version where you leave the games and apps in place and just remove the user profiles.

If the game is still not updating properly after that, you’d probably need to file a support ticket.

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